Welcome to Geek Girl Authority’s The Mist recaps! I will admit up front that I have not read the short story or seen the movie, so I am coming into this purely judging it on its own merits. There are some intriguing ideas being put forth here, but also some stumbling blocks with a few characters and motivations, but hey, it’s only the pilot, and there’s still plenty of mist to go around. Let’s break through this fog, shall we? 

We open on a man (Okezie Morro) in military garb with a German Shepherd sitting next to him, as he wakes up in the woods with some bugs crawling on him. He looks very confused and checks the wallet he finds in his pocket to see that his name is Brian Hunt, but he doesn’t seem convinced by that discovery. Brian and the dog (Rufus, according to his collar) start working their way through the woods, stopping at a stream for drink. The mist begins to roll in, setting the dog off barking and it dashes away. He follows and discovers the dog ripped to shreds with its head torn off (RIP Rufus). Something seems to be in the mist, and he continues to run from whatever is there.

Meanwhile, at a school, teacher Eve (Alyssa Sutherland) is being suspended for teaching sexual education in school (and not the abstinence only kind). Later, she’s with her husband Kevin (Morgan Spector), sitting on their porch trying to figure out their next move. He offers to move, and she notes that he loves their town, and he says how pretty it is. “Not if you look closely,” she says, flicking a bug off her leg (those bugs are everywhere). Eve, Kevin, and their daughter Alex (Gus Birney) later leave for a football game, but not before catching up with their neighbor Natalie (Frances Conroy) and her husband. Natalie scolds them for driving their car into town, since its hurting the environment and encourages them to bike instead. As they drive into town, Kevin teases Alex about liking a boy on the football team named Jay (Luke Cosgrove).

Over at a different house, we meet Adrian (Russell Posner), a goth-y teen, wearing eyeliner and all black. Adrian reminds his parents he needs to leave for the football game, and his dad just gets up from the table in disgust. His mom informs him that his dad won’t listen to him when he’s wearing makeup.

At the football game, Alex and Adrian are hanging with Alex’s parents, checking out the players together. A rude mom gives Eve the stink eye.

Somewhere else entirely, a woman is being beaten for information in a cow barn by a captor, calling her a junkie. He’s asking her about Rob, who she says is dead. Her captor doesn’t believe her and makes a phone call, and gets distracted, giving Junkie Girl time to get up, fight back, and impale him on a pitchfork. She grabs his gun on the way out, which had yet another bug crawling on it.

On the road outside town, Brian makes it out of the woods, breathless. He see the sign for town and makes a run for it, as the mist gradually follows.

The football game finishes, and Jay invites Alex to a party later that night. Eve says no way, and at home Alex stomps upstairs. Kevin is okay with her going to the party, and says Eve is being overprotective. She is not budging and I am on Team Mom. But Kevin, the world’s worst dad, goes behind Eve’s back and gives Alex the okay to go to the party as long as she brings Adrian and doesn’t drink (yeah, that’s totally going to work). Kevin is trying to be the good cop/cool dad because Alex says her mom doesn’t love her. (You are 16 young lady, she is just being a good mom!) Kevin is alarmingly okay with his daughter going to a party with the football player he was just teasing her about having a crush on. 

Alex and Adrian head to the party, where she jokingly invites him to come live with her family, and they talk about the idea that he’s not attracted to gender, he’s attracted to the person (so he’s potentially bisexual). Inside the party, they dance and have some fun, and Alex follows her dumb dad’s rules and turns down a drink. But then a jerk football player insults Adrian and tries to beat him up. Nice football player Jay intervenes, and offers Alex a drink, and she accepts this time after a little encouragement. Jay disappears to retrieve the booze. Alex, you in danger girl.

Brian busts into the police station rambling about the mist killing his dog and trying to warn the police officers. When one of the officers begins to retrieve a gun from the case, Brian goes for it yelling “It’s coming!” The police tackle him and throw him in a jail cell. 

Junkie Girl (they never say her name, so that’s what I’m sticking with for now) sneaks into a house, and grabs a set of keys. It was apparently her mom’s house, but her mom has died, and a new guy lives there, who gently kicks her out of the house. 

The next morning rolls around, and Kevin gets up to check on his daughter. But guess what? She’s not there. GOOD GOING, DAD. Eve rightfully starts to panic and call Alex’s phone, but then they spot her sitting on a swing in their backyard, looking traumatized. She recounts what she can from the night, saying she blacked out and woke up to blood on the sheets and the feeling that something happened to her. Alex begins apologizing, and says Adrian knows what happened, and according to Adrian, it was football player Jay. 

Eve and Kevin begin to argue, and he TRIES TO JUSTIFY LETTING HIS DAUGHTER GO OUT TO A PARTY WHERE SHE WAS SEXUALLY ASSAULTED. Dude, you have no leg to stand on in when it comes to going behind mom’s back, even if you claim she was overprotective. He tells Eve they shouldn’t fight because they need to be there for Alex, and Eve says to not talk to her. TEAM MOM ALL THE WAY.

Back at jail, Brian is calmed down a bit, and the officers start to ask him questions. Brian covers the fact he can’t remember anything by lying and saying he’s homeless. The cops aren’t buying it, and slam him against the bars, and decide to look up the patch on his fatigues. In the main office, Eve and Kevin arrive to report the assault, and request an officer that isn’t Jay’s dad (Jay’s dad is a sheriff). Not long after, officers bring in Jay for questioning.

Natalie sense an ill wind (The Mist)

Natalie sense an ill wind

Natalie is outside gardening, and notices all the creepy crawlies running around. Then, a bunch of frogs and toads emerge from the water, and birds flying away from the mountain. She see the mist is slowly coming in over the mountain, and the critters are restless.

At a doctor’s office, Alex is examined behind closed doors. The doctor can’t reveal much because it is an ongoing case, but she confirms there are signs of intercourse, but not necessarily trauma, and they did a DNA swab to confirm the culprit. Later in Alex’s bedroom, she and Adrian are cuddled up on her bed. She says she’s unsure what do, not in the legal sense, but just as a person overcoming a traumatic event. He comforts her and tells her to not let the town win, as they will inevitably call her a liar and protect Jay.

Downstairs, Kevin admits he shouldn’t have gone behind Eve’s back. Eve tells him she’s always had to be the bad cop, and that Alex loves him and hates her. Suddenly, a brick flies through their window, and they see a group of football players driving away. They also managed to spray paint “WHORE” on the street in front of their house, which Alex sees from her room.

We get a brief scene of Jay and his sheriff dad, driving around town. Jay’s dad offers him advice on what to do with the lawyer, and Jay asks why he’s treating him as if he’d done it. His dad just quietly reassures him he won’t go to jail as they drive.

Back with Junkie Girl, she goes back to the house that had been her mom’s, and sneaks into the shed. She begins digging up a bag, but is caught by the new homeowner. They scuffle, and he gets the gun she took from the other guy away from her pretty easily. When she hears sirens, she races away, leaving the bag (which had a passport and money in it) behind. The cops catch up with her in the graveyard, where she spots her mom’s headstone and declares she’s “not sorry.” Junkie Girl is thrown in a jail cell next to Brian, who warns her about the mist.

In the morning, Eve is packing and informing Kevin that she’s taking Alex to her sister’s place for safety, and he is NOT invited. He once again, TRIES TO JUSTIFY HIS DUMB DECISION, saying how could he have known this would happen? Eve says she’s known guys like Jay her whole life, and that she knew it could. TEAM MOM.

At the library, Natalie is going through old newspapers looking for answers. She comes across an article about a similar event of animals leaving the woods, and a theory about a “Black Spring,” where nature turned sour.

Kevin drives to the police station to report the vandalism, as the mist looms in the background. He sees Adrian being brought in for questioning, as he said he was a witness to Alex’s assault. Jay’s dad is there, and Kevin requests another officer, but he says they’ll be busy. Before a confrontation can truly begin, they all hear a crash outside, and run out to see the mist settling over the town.

Elsewhere, Eve and Alex are driving to pick up Alex’s prescription (for valium). Eve tries to comfort her, saying she was just being protective, but Alex says Eve was being controlling. Then she goes for blood saying she’s nothing like her mom, and Eve asks what she means. Alex snaps that everyone knows Eve is a slut, and mom slaps her daughter. They drive on in silence to the mall, and Eve leaves Alex in the car to pick up the prescription.

Let the fog roll over you, geniuses (The Mist)

Let the fog roll over you, geniuses

Outside the police station, Kevin gets a call from Alex saying she doesn’t want to go. He loses the signal before he can finish comforting her as the mist overtakes them. They all agree to go inside except for one cop who decides to take selfies (and perhaps the title of idiot from Kevin). As Dumb Cop wanders around, he gets swarmed by bugs. Kevin and Jay’s dad hear the screams of Dumb Cop and go back outside. Jay’s dad sees something horrifying and urges them to leave. But Kevin realizes Adrian is still inside the station, and goes to get him as Jay’s dad dives into Kevin’s car. 

Natalie and her husband leave the library, and wander through the mist. A guy appears out of nowhere, yelling and asking if they’re real, and shoots Natalie’s husband. The guy apologizes and says he wasn’t sure, then shoots himself in the head. She wanders away in shock and enters the church, where a priest sees her and tries to comfort her.

As Kevin gets Adrian, he hears Brian calling for help, and sees him and Junkie Girl in their cells. Brian is rambling about the mist and begging for help, saying he was only put in the cell for acting crazy. Junkie Girl asks what Kevin’s going to do with them, and makes the plea that he wouldn’t be able to live with himself if he left them behind to die, because she is certain no good is coming from the mist. She says she can help with a little “freak” like Adrian. He leaves to find the keys, and Adrian tells Junkie Girl he’s not a freak, and that he’ll tell Kevin she threatened him. Junkie Girl grabs Adrian and tells him he’s better off “with a verbally abusive bitch protecting him” than not having her around. I am also on Team Junkie Girl. 

Jay’s dad is still in the car, waiting for Kevin and his crew, when he gets spooked by something we don’t see in the mist and drives away. Boo, Jay’s dad, boo!

Eve is waiting in line at the pharmacy, and Stink Eye Mom is there, scolding her again for teaching sex ed. She calls Stink Eye Mom a bitch, and reveals her son (who is standing right there) watches porn. Before Eve leaves the mall, the power goes out.  Alex is still in the car when the mist lands, and decides to head inside. As she goes through the parking lot, a random guy races by and knocks her down. Moments later as she gets close to the building, she sees the same man, mangled in the mist. Eve finds her and they make it back inside safely. Stink Eye Mom goes to leave the mall, and Alex warns them there’s something in the mist. She scoffs saying Alex is lying about that and the rape, and saunters off with her porno loving son. Then we hear the screams. Eve gets close to the door, and Stink Eye Mom slams against the door with her jaw missing! It’s super gross.

There's something out there (The Mist)

There’s something out there

Back in the police station, Kevin is collecting guns, and Junkie Girl asks if he even knows where to point it (I’m glad Junkie Girl realizes how dumb Kevin is within 30 seconds of meeting him). Kevin refuses to give her a weapon, and they move to leave, but Dump Cop from earlier busts in, lunging like a zombie and attacking Kevin. Junkie Girl goes into action and nails him with a headshot, asking “Trust me now?” I do! I do! 

Inside the mall, no one can get a call out, and Eve comforts a very nervous Alex. As she hugs her, Alex looks over her shoulder and sees that Jay is sitting in the mall.

And that’s where we leave The Mist for now. We have three teams in various locations, and a town full of terrible secrets that are probably worse than whatever’s in the mist. It definitely delivers on the Stephen King vibes, and the pacing is off to a good start. I just wish Kevin wasn’t a colossal idiot. 

Questions for Next Week

  • Will we learn Junkie Girl’s name in a more natural manner than me googling it and telling you here? (It’s Mia, and she’s played by Danica Curcic.)
  • Who is Brian, really? And is he even part of the military?
  • What of our noble Sherif, Jay’s dad?
  • Did Jay actually rape Alex? (I have a theory which I will address below.)
  • Will Kevin shoot off his own foot? (I have another theory I will address here: YES.)

Points of Interest

  • The critters running away from the mist was well done, and it’s intriguing that it seems to have happened before in town.
  • The mist seems to have some varying powers at the moment. It can tear people apart, make people zombie like, and majorly disorient people and possibly trap them for any length of time. 
  • I can’t reiterate enough how dumb Kevin is. Who tries to justify double crossing their fellow parent, and then acting hurt when it goes horribly wrong and results in the potential rape of their daughter. Kevin, that’s who.
  • If Kevin is our hero, man, I don’t know if I can get on board with that. I am Team Eve, and Team Mia (aka Junkie Girl). 
  • Although, Mia did leave behind money and a passport, and that new homeowner guy saw all that cash, so she may not be the smartest bad ass in town.
  • My theory on Alex’s rapist: It seems too obvious to be Jay, so I suspect either another player, or Adrian. Yes, Adrian, her BFF. He commented twice on how shallow the players are and the town being lame, so I wonder if he did it to frame star player Jay. He was willing to lie about Junkie Girl threatening him at the police station, and he is the only witness to the rape. Adrian is not a very good friend if he didn’t stop it in the moment. 
  • And yes, I know this is not a great theory, especially to have a LGBT character be a rapist and a bad guy, and it raises a lot of issues if that’s the case.
  • Until I saw more diversity at the mall, Brian was the only character of color, which made me wonder if racism would come into play, especially as a black man thrown in jail by an all white police force in a small town. The town’s racism is TBD for now.
  • Jay gave me Steve Holt from Arrested Development vibes. STEVE HOLT!
  • Also, I kept coming back to “The fog is getting thicker! And Leon is getting larger!” gag from Airplane!

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