Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries is the little show that could. The period crime drama, which originally aired on ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) exploded to popularity when Netflix picked it up for international distribution. However, fans have been waiting for more from the popular series after its 2015, third season finale ended in a cliffhanger. 

Series creators surprised fans on September 14th when they created a Kickstarter page for the show, stating a goal to finance a movie version of Miss. Fisher’s Murder Mysteries. While social media long whispered feature film rumors, details were scant. 

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It seems the power of crowd-funding is great. While the campaign set a one month timeline to hit their goal of $250,000 (AUS), they reached the amount in a blindingly fast two days. Money continues to pour into the Kickstarter campaign. In the days to follow they’ve passed $300,000, and are quickly approaching $400,000. Every financial goal reached allows the film to reach bigger and better international filming goals. Furthermore, the increased funds contributes to the creation of the series’ characteristically beautiful wardrobe. 

Few details are currently known. The film is tentatively titled Miss Fisher & the Crypt of Tears. A release date is currently unknown; however, the Kickstarter page hints towards sometime in 2019. 

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