DISCLAIMER: This recap of Miracle Workers: End Times Season 4 Episode 7, “Roland Proudheart,” contains spoilers. Proceed at your peril. 

Welcome back, warlords and lone wanderers! It’s all about Scraps in this week’s Miracle Workers: End Times episode. We explore masculinity and inner change as Scraps and Sid struggle with who they innately are versus what society wants them to be. Sid learns to embrace who he is while Scraps keeps on truckin’ as everyone’s favorite brainwashed “dog.” 

While it’s got a few chuckle-worthy moments, it’s not my favorite outing of the season. It’s just … okay. I don’t think Scraps is a strong enough character to have an episodic A plot. And the “kill yourself/myself” jokes from Morris and Scraps don’t land for me. They feel forced. 

This episode feels out of rhythm, which is unfortunate, considering how this solid cast usually fires on all comedic cylinders. Eh, not every episode is gonna be a winner. 

Ready to delve into “Roland Proudheart”? Let’s get to it. 

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We open with Scraps (Jon Bass) emerging from his home while boasting an adorable bee costume. It’s every dog owner’s go-to Halloween outfit for their pooch. Freya (Geraldine Viswanathan) can’t get enough of her cutie patootie. Scraps is embarrassed and believes she should treat him with more respect. Freya runs inside to grab a honey pot for Scraps to hold. However, masked strangers kidnap Scraps while she’s gone. 

Meanwhile, Morris (Steve Buscemi) chews out Sid (Daniel Radcliffe) for arriving late and smelling like the bus. He also has several knives in his back, but he can’t help it if a bunch of child soldiers jumped him at the bus stop. Morris quickly picks another employee as his favorite, promptly demoting Sid from that coveted spot. Scraps arrives in another village, where a woman who claims to be his wife (Ego Nwodim) embraces him as a crowd cheers.

Sid stands next to a tall man in all black wearing a steering wheel on his head, posing as a car, in Miracle Workers: End Times Season 4 Episode 7, "Roland Proudheart."

MIRACLE WORKERS: END TIMES Season 4 Episode 7, “Roland Proudheart.” Photo credit: Greg Gayne.

Apparently, Scraps is a human man named Roland Proudheart (Title of the episode!). He saved the town from the malicious Freya Exaltada. Then, she turned him into a subservient canine. Scraps learns he also has children. They all give him a bear hug. Aw.

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In Boomtown, Sid and Tai (Karan Soni) shop for a new car for the former. The first one is a burnt pile of rubbish sans wheels. The next one is actively ablaze. However, the third option is considerably better than the rest. Tai persuades Sid to purchase the BiFi, a giant man with a steering wheel on his head, for several bird beaks. This could give Sid the confidence boost he sorely needs. 

Next, Scraps watches a puppet production featuring Scraps defending his village from Freya. Suddenly, the real Freya appears. She objects to being called a “witch.” Scraps’ wife orders the villagers to arrest Freya. Well, that’s awkward for Scraps. Meanwhile, Sid takes his new wheels for a spin. The citizens of Boomtown are in awe of Sid’s BiFi. It’s beefy as hell. Even Morris decides to make Sid his favorite again. 
Scraps stands next to his wife in a country-style, 1950s-esque kitchen in Miracle Workers: End Times Season 4 Episode 7, "Roland Proudheart."

MIRACLE WORKERS: END TIMES Season 4 Episode 7, “Roland Proudheart.” Photo credit: Tyler Golden.

Later, Scraps and his family take Freya in as their new pet, christening her “Miss Muffet.” She even boasts a cute pink bow on her head, complete with the requisite BDSM leather ensemble. Scraps prepares for a day of doing nothing. Unfortunately, his wife reminds him he must spend the day partaking in hard labor before helping his kids with their homework and doing household chores. It ain’t easy being a respected member of the village. 
Then, we see Sid pimping out his beefy ride. Tai notices Sid is making the BiFi his whole personality now. His newfound confidence has ascended into “inflated ego” territory. He’s become a “BiFi Bro.” Tai confronts Sid about this. He tries to convince his new friend to cast the BiFi aside. Sid inadvertently sets the BiFi into “Loco Mode,” causing the vehicle to drive recklessly. Sid can’t stop the car, unfortunately. 
Meanwhile, Scraps returns with his son from a day in the fields. He’s unbelievably exhausted. Freya saunters inside after a refreshing walk. She’s glad she traded places with Scraps. Freya apologizes to Scraps for giving him crap for returning to his former life. And when she owns up to brainwashing him into thinking he’s a dog in the first place? Eh, baby steps. Anyway, she surreptitiously pockets his keys when he leaves to help his daughter with her homework. She wants to burn this mother to the ground. 
Sid sits on the shoulders of a tall man in all black with a steering wheel on his head while Tai stands behind them in Miracle Workers: End Times Season 4 Episode 7, "Roland Proudheart."

MIRACLE WORKERS: END TIMES Season 4 Episode 7, “Roland Proudheart.” Photo credit: Greg Gayne.

Next, Sid and his out-of-control BiFi wind up in the junkyard. However, to Morris’ dismay, they veer toward the fine china section instead of the junk. As for Scraps, he struggles to hop aboard the homework train. Suddenly, he and his wife find Freya outside, threatening to set fire to the village. Once a warlord, always a warlord. 
Back in Boomtown, we see Sid and his BiFi seizing underneath a precarious pile of junk. It threatens to topple over them. Tai urges Sid to abandon the BiFi to save his life. But Sid’s too much of a BiFi Bro to do so. So, Tai takes matters into his own hands. He launches himself into the junkyard. Then, he transforms one of his hands into a t-shirt cannon, shooting a t-shirt at the BiFi’s beefy log. The BiFi loses balance and falls. Tai swoops in and drags Sid away as the junk pile collapses onto the BiFi. 
Scraps confronts Freya. He claims he’s happy with his old life. He finally has the respect he deserves and his family back. Freya vows to leave him alone, claiming she didn’t realize he was content with his new status quo. However, instantly, Scraps turns around and begs Freya to take him back. He doesn’t want respect; he wants to sit at her feet all day and lick his bum hole. That’s the mark of a great life. This sudden confession takes aback Scraps’ family.
Freya and Scraps stand next to each other while wearing black leather and fist bumping in Miracle Workers: End Times Season 4 Episode 7, "Roland Proudheart."

MIRACLE WORKERS: END TIMES Season 4 Episode 7, “Roland Proudheart.” Photo credit: Greg Gayne.

Meanwhile, Tai reminds Sid that he doesn’t need a BiFi to be confident. The “old” Sid is fine as he is. Morris chews Sid out for wrecking his junkyard. Thankfully, Sid stands up for himself. Next, Miracle Workers whips out a Terminator parody moment that’s a bit too on the nose for me, but I appreciate Tai’s unwavering mission to destroy nards with a t-shirt cannon.
Later, Freya and Scraps return home after their excursion. We learn they razed that village to the ground. Sid asks for clarification. He states that if Scraps burned his family alive, that’s messed up. But Freya and Scraps are too wrapped in their camaraderie to answer his question. Methinks that family is gone, baby, gone. 
Do you think Scraps really killed his family when he and Freya burned that village? Will Sid reunite with his beefy BiFi down the line? Did Freya keep the spiky leather getup to spice up her bedroom play with Sid? Only time (and more episodes) will tell. 
Miracle Workers: End Times airs Mondays at 10 pm on your TBS affiliate. 

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