DISCLAIMER: This recap of Miracle Workers: End Times Season 4 Episode 6, “Olympus,” contains spoilers. Proceed at your peril. 

Welcome back, warlords and lone wanderers! “Olympus” introduces Freya’s parents and expands on the lore in this universe. As it turns out, there’s still a class system in this post-apocalyptic world. The “one percent” reside in a wealthy sky metropolis, far removed from the impoverished Boomtown and the ravaged desert regions. The episode gets zany, as only Miracle Workers can, by presenting a scene that’s so delightfully bonkers and creative. Yes, I’m talking about the organ throwing. And, of course, how Sid miraculously survives while bereft of vital organs. 

Tai and Morris’ B plot is also fun, especially since their bond takes an unexpected turn. He paints Morris like one of his French girls. ¡Qué romántico!

All in all, “Olympus” is another silly and whimsical outing in the Miracle Workers-verse. Additionally, we’ve got an A-plus guest star roster. Don’t think too hard, folks. Just enjoy the ride. 

Ready to delve into “Olympus”? Let’s get to it. 

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We open with Freya (Geraldine Viswanathan) and Sid (Daniel Radcliffe), chatting to an exterminator about their pest problem. We think mice are in the walls, which drives poor Scraps (Jon Bass) bonkers, but the exterminator extracts two feral children instead. Apparently, feral children are a real issue in Boomtown. Initially, it looks like Freya might bond with one of them as a warlord who thrives on chaos. Thankfully, the exterminator plays the flute to lure them out of town. That’s some pied piper sh*t. 

Later, Freya and Sid go over their mounting bills. Their careers aren’t panning out as desired. Then, Freya’s parents call her out of the blue. Sid, who had no idea Freya had parents, encourages her to invite them to their house. They arrive seconds after Freya invites them. Her mother (Garcelle Beauvais) and father (Tim Heidecker) dress like they live in District 1 from The Hunger Games. We learn they reside in Olympus, an opulent metropolis in the sky for the one percent. Obviously, Freya grew up wealthy, and that’s what she’s trying to escape. 

Freya's mother wears an all-orange ensemble while sitting next to Sid on the couch in Miracle Workers: End Times Season 4 Episode 6, "Olympus."

MIRACLE WORKERS: END TIMES Season 4 Episode 6, “Olympus.” Photo credit: Tyler Golden.

Meanwhile, Morris’ (Steve Buscemi) ball pit is out of order. He schedules a maintenance appointment. None other than Tai (Karan Soni) answers Morris’ call. Unfortunately, traveling through time and killing humans doesn’t pay the bills. However, his ball pit and sauna repair business, his side hustle, helps keep him financially afloat. Hey, a robot’s gotta do what a robot’s gotta do. 

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Then, we see Freya, Sid and her parents sitting in the house and catching up. Scraps attacks Freya’s father with love, but he mistakes it for aggression. Freya’s parents urge her and Sid to stay with them in Olympus for a spell. Naturally, Sid’s eager to live that lifestyle of the rich and the famous. At Morris’ residence, Tai begins repairing the former’s ball pit. He finds a toe bone from a human skeleton, the source of the ball pit’s malfunctioning. Huh. Didn’t Morris hook up with his high school crush at his reunion a few episodes back? 

Suddenly, Holly (Erin Darke) confronts her husband about the toe bone. She threatens to depart with Morris’ son. She won’t say behind with a cheater. Morris reminds her that her programming prohibits her from leaving. Holly shoots back that he didn’t read the fine print — she’s allowed to leave cheaters. Ouch. Holly does just that. 

Next, Sid, Freya and Scraps enjoy living in the lap of luxury. Well, at least Sid and Scraps do. (There are flying cars. How cool is that?) Freya throws herself into her work, refusing to indulge in the lavish offerings of Olympus. Freya’s father invites Sid to play pegasus polo. Sid immediately calls her father “dad.” The bonding has begun. Meanwhile, Scraps meets Percy (Paul F. Tompkins), the family’s poodle. Listen, Paul F. Tompkins is pulling off this look. Especially the pink Crocs. Bellissima. Percy thinks he’s better than Scraps because he’s a purebred pup, while Scraps is a mutt. 

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Later, Morris complains about his exes to Tai, who’s uncomfortable. Tai digs deep into the heart of Morris. He surmises Morris sabotages his relationships and conceals himself behind his wealth and status. That, and he had an emotionally unavailable mother. Morris excuses himself. Methinks Tai was on the mark. Tai finds Morris trying to end it all in the ball pit. Tai stops Morris from going any further while commending Morris for being vulnerable. He asks Morris if he can paint him. 

Then, Freya’s father hosts a benefit dinner for Olympus’ richest citizens. They’re donating violins to the residents of Earth because classical music is a dying genre. No, they don’t need clean water, food, shelter or clothes — they need violins. Freya’s mom introduces her to a fellow warlord who’s more successful than she is. Initially, he asks to have coffee with her to swap warlord stories. However, he’s turned off by her lack of experience. She hasn’t conquered enough puny humans and villages. 

Freya's mother wears an all-yellow ensemble while standing next to Freya. Both women hold drinks at a party in Miracle Workers: End Times Season 4 Episode 6, "Olympus."

MIRACLE WORKERS: END TIMES Season 4 Episode 6, “Olympus.” Photo credit: Tyler Golden.

After that interaction, Freya finds Sid dressed as a ventriloquist dummy while sitting on her dad’s lap. She’s alarmed by how close they are now. Frey has a sneaking suspicion that her parents are up to something. Sid thinks they merely want her to succeed. On Earth, Tai paints Morris like one of his French girls (Titanic reference!). Tai runs out of ink, so he tries to add a new cartridge. However, he needs help opening the compartment in his back. So, Tai’s set up like a printer. Morris lends a helping hand and changes the cartridge. Something tells me this is gonna get steamy. 

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Percy and the other purebred dogs chat at the benefit dinner in Olympus. Scraps descends the ornate staircase while boasting a pink hair bow. This also feels like a potential Titanic nod to when Rose descends the stairs. Anyway, he’s trying to pass himself off as one of them. Percy accepts him into the fold. Meanwhile, Freya apologizes to her mother for her behavior. Maybe her parents aren’t planning something nefarious. Perhaps they want what’s best for her. She accepts their offer to live with them in Olympus. Freya’s mom excitedly embraces her. She can’t wait to relay the news to Freya’s dad. Why? Well…

Freya saves Sid from her parents’ mission to harvest his organs. Freya’s mom insists Sid is a “starter husband” and is unsuitable for her. She finds a surgeon is already removing his organs. Freya wheels Sid out of the mansion while her parents chase them down. Sid procures his own organs and tosses them at Freya’s parents. Only a scene like this would happen on Miracle Workers. Percy and the other dogs make fun of Freya and Sid, aka “the trash,” but Scraps stands up for his mommy and daddy. 

Later, Tai leaves Morris’ home after a night of passionate, steamy fun. Morris hopes they can see each other again. However, Tai claims this is a one-night stand. He can’t be seen chilling with an old man as a robot. Optics, ya know? After Tai leaves, Morris pours himself a drink and listens to music alone. He stares at a painting of a naked Tai and Morris. Aww. Meanwhile, at home, Freya ensures all of Sid’s organs are in the right place before sewing him back up. But they notice one organ is missing. Sid finds it next to him on the couch. Neither knows what it is, but they assume it’s not vital. He’s feeling okay. It’ll be fine … right? 

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Do you think we’ll see Freya and Sid return to Olympus at some point (even though her parents tried to harvest her husband’s organs)? Will Tai go back on his word and spend more time with his buddy Morris? Can Morris persuade Holly to return home? Only time (and more episodes) will tell. 

Miracle Workers: End Times airs Mondays at 10 pm on your TBS affiliate. 

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