Midnight Games, the French indie game studio who brought us Exorcise The Demons, has officially announced their next big project. Follow My Steps is a narrative adventure game that has players guiding a wolf and her cub as they seek out new shelter. The game will rely heavily on player decisions and how they affect current situations and the development of the cub.

The trailer for Follow My Steps begins as the wolf and her cub explore the world around them. The game will feature seven dreamlike environments to explore full of possible friends. But the world isn’t always safe, a key part of the game will be attempting to escape from the Mightnight Pack. They don’t appear in the trailer, but I am sure they are only out to ruin my happiness. Follow My Steps will feature a relaxing soundtrack similar to the song played within the trailer itself. 

Midnight Games really showed how well they could build a story and unconventional multiplayer with Exorcise The Demons, so I have no doubt they will be able to nail home a narrative story game. The relationship between parent and child is one that brings both great happiness and sadness. 

No release date for Follow My Steps has been set, but it will release for PC through Steam, Xbox Series X, PS5, and the Nintendo Switch.

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Julia Roth
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