The Holidays are here and if you’re like me, you pay attention to your friends’ fandoms and then search for a unique gift that they’ll treasure. One of my biggest fandoms is J.R.R. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings and Hobbit series. The wonderful thing about the world of Middle-earth is that it is vast, complex and beautiful. And, although “One does not simply walk into Mordor,” one can simply spend the rest of their days collecting items from Middle-earth, take it from me. I do this so much that I’ve put together a gift guide for the hobbit, elf, human, or dwarf in your life. And, with the introduction of Rings of Power on Amazon Prime this year, there’s even more to choose from. 

Fun Gifts

There are some great stores that offer quality, officially licensed products. Unfortunately, Warner Bros shut down their Hobbit Shop but you can still find fun, quality items at the WB Shop if you put Lord of the Rings or Hobbit in the search bar. They have items ranging from Arwen’s Evenstar pendant to Prancing Pony glassware to this comfy Sherpa blanket. 


The best place to shop for LOTR, Rings of Power and Hobbit art is on Etsy. I have many prints and pieces around my house and each one brings me joy whenever I see it. Here are some very nice pieces I found on Etsy that will give a Middle-earth flair to any home.

This Shire Clock will help you never forget Second Breakfast! The slate coasters are beautifully unique and you can pick your set from nine different designs. There are plenty of signs you can get on Etsy as well. Just type a favorite quote into the search bar and voila. I have the following “No Admittance Except on Party Business” in my house and a “Speak Friend and Enter” doormat (in Elvish, of course) at my front door. 

Lord of the Rings Etsy art including slate coasters, a doormat that has Elvish writing and says 'Speak Friend and Enter', a wooden sign that says 'No admittance except on party business in elaborate LOTR script and a wooden 'shire clock' that points to all the meals of the day including Elevenses and Second Breakfast.

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Weta Workshop

There are so many incredible figures you can get from the Weta Workshop. They are definitely expensive but the quality is unbeatable. At Weta, you’ll only be able to check out LOTR and Hobbit merchandise as the special effects company was not involved in Rings of Power. You have to order early to get your products by Christmas. What you can do though is buy a Weta collectible, print a picture of it, and then wrap that up with a “coming soon” note. It may not be as fun as opening it on Christmas morning but It will definitely be a fun wait for the person that you gifted! Here are some that I have and sometimes pull out when I’m playing my Adventures in Middle-earth campaign. Lord of the Rings figurines from Weta Workshop including a very detailed and lifelike Galadriel holdingher arm up and Eowyn standing near a Rohan waving banner. Also pictured are five different Gandalf figure from Weta and from Funko Pop!


I love going to Badali Jewelry for all my genre pieces. All their work is high quality and made with care. I have the two pieces below which are an Eowyn Shieldmaiden Medallion and of course, the One Ring. They have many more offerings including Mithril chain necklaces and Galadriel’s ring to name a few. 

Two pieces of jewelry including a round piece which on one side is Eowyn's shield from Lord of the Rings and the other is a silver ring with elvish writing which is the one ring.

Rings of Power Store

Unfortunately and surprisingly, Amazon has not set up an official Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power store. Your best bet here is to check out Etsy and other e-commerce stores that offer handmade and crafty items. Below is a Guild Crest badge on Etsy which was inspired by Rings of Power. 

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A round dull gold emblem which is the guild badge from lord of the rings: rings of power

The Silmarillion

I highly recommend buying The Silmarillion for a Middle-earth Fan. It’s a bible/guide for the creation of Middle-earth and explains how the world and all its races came to be. Now, your Middle-earth fan may already have The Silmarillion. Most fans do. But do they have a fancy one? Just put The Silmarillion into Amazon’s search bar and you will get plenty of choices. 

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