It seems like CBS All Access is just going to be all Star Trek series, and we couldn’t be more excited. Star Trek: Discovery will soon launch its sophomore season and Star Trek: Short Treks is airing in the interim. The streaming service is also starting work on a new Jean-Luc Picard series and an animated Star Trek comedy called Star Trek: Lower Decks. Now, there’s talk that Michelle Yeoh could captain the next spinoff in the Star Trek universe.  

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The Hollywood Reporter said on Friday that Yeoh is in negotiations with CBS to bring Philippa Georgiou to her own spinoff series. Yeoh is still set to return to Discovery. And, apparently the spinoff would center on Georgiou’s shenanigans in Section 31.  

If this deal goes down, Yeoh’s series will be the fifth that CBS All Access has initiated in the last couple of years. That’s a real commitment to going boldly. And, if you can believe it, “Other series in the franchise are being planned under Alex Kurtzman who oversees all things Trek for producers CBS TV Studios.”  So, brace yourselves for impact, Trek fans.  All of your dreams are about to hit you at the same time. Welcome to the age of Star Trek at CBS. 



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