We’ve heard a lot of rumors regarding the casting of the highly coveted role of Cable, the time-traveling mutant who will play the oh-so-serious foil to the R-rated insanity of Deadpool in that follow-up to last year’s surprise box office juggernaut.

Last year we were told Kyle Chandler had a lock on it, but it turns out he may have never actually been in contention for it, ever. We also heard, just today in fact, that none other than THE Brad Pitt was up for the role; but c’mon, there’s no way — right?


But now some very major outlets and legitimate sources, like Hollywood Reporter, are saying that the actor most in contention and at the top of those lists is Michael Shannon. He’d be making the jump from DC’s Man of Steel major baddie, Doomsday nee General Zod to the merry mutant brand at Fox Studios.


The reports have all been careful to say Shannon does not yet ha e an absolute lock on the role, reminding us that Stranger ThingsDavid Harbour, who played the sheriff there, is still in the running.

For the comic book uninitiated, Cable is a relatively simple character in concept with one of the most complicated back stories in comics. At his core, he’s an adept soldier and leader with varying degrees of telepathic and telekinetic abilities. However, his backstory is highly complicated — he’s the son of an alternate reality future version of Scott Summers (Cyclops) and Madelyne Pryor, a clone of Jean Grey.


Why is this such a sought after role? Other than the box office ride this is guaranteed that be, Cable will also end up leading the X-Force film and may very well appear in the New Mutants film. Both films will shoot this summer.

Along with Ryan Reynolds, actress Zazie Beetz joined the cast last week in the role of Domino.


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