Marlon James’ epic African fantasy novel Black Leopard, Red Wolf  hit bookshelves on Tuesday. Already it counts Neil Gaiman among its fans. Now Michael B. Jordan has jumped at the chance to put it on screen. We all need to get our hands on this book! 

Black Leopard, Red Wolf is being lauded as an African Game of Thrones (this is meant as a compliment, but we assume that the new book stands on its own merit). The tale is “set in a fantastical Africa and sees a slave trader hire several mercenaries to find a kidnapped boy. The story’s main character is a man named Tracker and features giants, necromancers, witches and shape-shifters.” Well, I’m in. You had me at shape-shifters. 

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Jordan will produce an adaptation of the fantasy novel, which is the first in a trilogy, according to The Hollywood Reporter. No screenwriter has been attached. There is no word on when James might deliver the next two books, but let’s give the guy a break! He just got the first book out!  



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