Netflix wins again.  They just won an auction for an adaptation of the Vault Comic book, Failsafe.  It is to be written by Black Panther co-writer Joe Robert Cole and produced by Michael B. Jordan.  Wakanda forever!  

Written by Desanto and Todd Farmer, the Failsafe comic follows John Ravane, “a legendary insurgent hunter who thought he had executed the last nanotech-enhanced super soldier, in a personal battle that included the kidnap of his daughter. A decade later, it becomes clear that sleeper agents scattered around the country are activating, in an attempt to take over New York, and the government leader who pressed him into duty last time has been exposed as corrupt.” 

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There is talk about whether Michael B. Jordan will ‘star’ in the movie, but the word is that he’s so busy, it’ll be a game time decision.  And, we assume that decision would be to star as Ravane, himself.  

Failsafe is still very early in the development phase, so stay tuned for more news! 



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