After the mixed yet high grossing Suicide Squad hit theaters, WB’s been fast tracking the franchise. With both reports from THR and Variety, it appears that actor/director/crazyman Mel Gibson is in their sights to direct the sequel. Would this make a good mix or end up splitting audiences again?

As we previously reported, director David Ayer has moved onto the DCEU Gotham City Sirens project. And it appears that WB want a Suicide Squad sequel faster then Ayer can churn out so they’re looking for a new director. With Gibson’s “comeback” in directing Hacksaw Ridge, it looks like WB wants his grittiness in their sequel. Would the grittiness work for Suicide Squad? Sure. Is Gibson a good fit? I can’t see it. Gibson excels at realism and taking real people’s lives, telling their story. I don’t see him foraying into the world of comic book characters. You never know though! He’s apparently been lingering on the idea, even saying he could direct an Iron Man sequel.

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Gibson isn’t the only one in WB’s sights. The shortlist for the sequel was apparently released and included a few more directors. Ruben Fleischer (Zombieland), Daniel Espinosa (Safe House), and Jonathan Levine (Warm Bodies) have all been either talked to or considered for the director’s chair. All three have action in their resume with two of them dealing in the horror genre. I would say this is an early indication of WB’s thoughts on the sequel and where they want to take it. It’s too early to tell but we may be hearing news of a director sooner then we think!

What do you think of the news? Do you think Mel Gibson would be a good fit for a Suicide Squad sequel? Let us know and be sure to check out our coverage of the DCEU!

Erin Lynch