The time has come. All those anime shows about humans climbing inside mechanical suits for battle have been leading us to this day. Today, we are one step closer to a real Pacific Rim Jaeger. Today, the USA goes head to head against Japan in the first of its kind MegaBot Duel!

The challenge was first issued back in the summer of 2015. The USA threw down the gauntlet and challenged Japan to get their one-pilot robot battle ready against the USA’s dual-piloted mech. Japan accepted.

Suidobashi Heavy Industries upped the ante by demanding the robots be melee combat ready – it would need to be more than just a hunk of metal with a few powerful guns and weaponry. Apparently, big and shooty is “Super American”. Japan has been the leading imagination in mega-mechs with their anime and manga with everything from Evangelion to Gundam to Voltron.

Team USA, MegaBots Inc, crowdfunded upgrades to their mech on Kickstarter and now the time has come to see if the money raised has been used effectively. It is now time to find out who has built the better fighter: USA or Japan! Tune in TONIGHT on Twitch at 7PDT and catch highlights later on all of MegaBots Inc’s social media!



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