Everyone’s favorite red haired, overall wearing killer is back but not for the reason fans may be expecting. Rather than making a movie branching off the cliff hanger in Cult of Chucky, directer Lars Klevberg is bringing Chucky back to his roots with a Child’s Play reboot. Reactions have been pretty black and white from fans. While many seem thrilled about Chucky’s return, it seems just as many show disdain about the announcement. This includes Jennifer Tilly, star of three of the Child’s Play movies, who denounced the remake in a tweet where she poses with the Tiffany doll. Overall, the teaser itself seems pretty straightforward. Staring Aubrey Plaza, we see a single mother gifting her son one of the hottest new toys on the market which seems to backfire as the toy turns out to be evil and goes on a murderous rampage. Basically it’s the original plot set in modern day. 

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This is supported by the fact that we see things like a Keurig coffee maker, children playing with tablets and a glimpse of the company behind the new doll’s distribution, Kaslan. If you look up Kaslan online you can actually find a website for the company. It’s fake and strictly a promotional Easter Egg for the movie just like the Buddi Doll’s website. Kaslan is a company that develops hi-tech appliances like drones or speakers or, as seen in the products tab, a more advanced killer doll. We even see the doll scanning Andy’s (Gabriel Bateman) face at one point in the trailer, as if he was imprinting or recognizing the boy as his owner. 

This development raises more questions than answers for fans. Is this now a case of robots turning evil? Does this mean they took out the voodoo aspect of the plot altogether? Or did serial killer Charles Lee Ray purposefully put his soul in a potential killing machine? Another interesting thing to point out is the little ear piece Andy has in his left ear. Could this be a hearing aid or some sort? If so will the more tech savvy Chucky be able to hack into it to turn it on and off whenever he’d like? Or whisper terrible secrets to poor Andy? 

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As a long time fan of the franchise I’m pumped about the reboot but I hope this doesn’t mean the end of the original franchise. Like, I seriously need another movie after Cult of Chucky. That cliffhanger killed me. Either way, I can’t wait. Check out the trailer below!

Terror strikes when a woman unwittingly gives her young son an evil toy doll.

Child’s Play debuts June 21st!



Fallon Marie Gannon