With Anthem being released on February 22nd, and the closed Beta now live, BioWare has released guides for the four javelins that players can choose in the game. As some of you already know, the javelins are powerful exosuits that help the player traverse the different terrains in the world of Anthem. Each javelin comes with special weaponry, a unique play style, and they are customizable.

Each javelin has slots for different types of gear including two Assault slots, one Support slot, two weapons, and six components. The higher gear you get the higher your gear score (think power levels in Destiny 2). Javelins also have an ultimate ability that unleashes a powerful attack on enemies.

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Ranger javelin attacking with Shock Mace.

The Ranger javelin is the most versatile out of the four. It can attack single targets and can use a Shock Mace in melee combat. Its Ultimate ability is Multi-Target Missile Battery which rains down missiles on a group of enemies from above.

This javelin can be equipped with various kinds of grenades and missiles. There are also two support options to choose from: Bulwark Point, which creates a protective bubble around your allies, and Muster Point, which increases the weapon damage done by your allies within the bubble.

Grenades (Assault)

  • Frag Grenade
  • Inferno Grenade
  • Frost Grenade
  • Seeker Grenade
  • Stick Grenade

Missiles (Assault)

  • Seeking Missiles
  • Pulse Blast
  • Spark Beam
  • Venom Darts
  • Blast Missiles


  • Bulwark Point
  • Muster Point


Colossus javelin attacking enemies with High Explosive Mortar.

The Colossus javelin is your basic tank javelin. It is a heavy hitter, and can do a considerable amount of damage to enemies. It can shield itself while attacking and can equip Heavy Weapons, specifically a heavy assault launcher or an ordnance launcher.

Players can choose a number of different mortars, coils, and projectiles. The Colossus can equip two different types of support gear: Battle Cry which draws enemy attacks while lowering their resistance, and Shield Pulse, which buffs players by increasing their damage resistance.

Ordnance Launcher (Assault)

  • High Explosive Mortar
  • Burst Mortar
  • Firewall Mortar
  • Lighting Coil
  • Shock Coil

Heavy Assault Launcher (Assasult)

  • Siege Artillery
  • Flame Thrower
  • Flak Cannon
  • Railgun
  • Venom Spitter


  • Battle Cry
  • Shield Pulse


Interceptor javelin marking an enemy with Target Beacon.

If players are looking for good maneuverability with quick strikes, then the Interceptor javelin is the best choice for this style of play. It can target single enemies, dash in, strike, and dash out before the enemy even knows that they’re there.

The Interceptor can equip different assault and strike systems such as bombs, glaives, mines, and can perform special melee strikes and dashes. It has two Support options: Target Beacon, which places a mark on an enemy which increases the damage down to that enemy, and Rally Cry, which removes status effects from allies.

Assault Systems (Assault)

  • Searching Glaive
  • Venom Bomb
  • Cryo Glaive
  • Cluster Mine
  • Spark Dash

Strike Systems (Assault)

  • Detonating Strike
  • Plasma Star
  • Wraith Strike
  • Tempest Strike
  • Venom Spray


  • Target Beacon
  • Rally Cry


Storm javelin damaging enemies with Elemental Storm.

Each javelin is designed to meet a desired play style. We have versatility (Ranger), brute force (Colossus) agility (Interceptor), but for those who prefer ranged elemental attacks, there is the Storm javelin.

This javelin can do heavy AoE damage and can blink or teleport in and out of combat. Players can equip different kinds of elemental blast seals which can do massive AoE damage to multiple enemies and focus seals which can damage single targets. Its two Support seals are Wind Wall which creates a protective wall that block projectiles and Quickening Field that reduces the cooldowns of ally abilities.

Blast Seal

  • Lightning Strike
  • Ice Storm
  • Flame Burst
  • Ice Blast
  • Living Flame

Focus Seals

  • Frost Shards
  • Burning Orb
  • Shock Burst
  • Glacial Spear
  • Arc Burst

Support Seals

  • Wind Wall
  • Quickening Field

So which javelin will you choose? Comment below or connect with us on Twitter and Facebook! Anthem will be released on February 22, 2019 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

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