The gift-giving season might be over, but there is never a bad time to buy a gift for a friend — or yourself. And for those looking for something a little more medieval, I suggest looking no further than Medieval Collectibles. They have been serving the online community since 2003 with high-quality armor, clothing, weaponry, jewelry and home décor. And they don’t just feature medieval stuff either! They have a wide variety of steampunk, gothic, pirate and even Lord of the Rings inspired items. Chances are they have what you are looking for.

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Medieval Collectibles works with multiple brands to easily bring everything to one place. This includes brands like Mytholon, Cold Steel and even Funko! One part of their site that really caught my eye was the vast assortment of collectible statues and figurines. They have dragons, knights, steampunk and so much more. So when given a chance to review one of their items, I clearly went for a collectible. This adorable dragon collectible, to be more precise.

Right out of the box, I knew I was going to love this dragon. They don’t call him the sapphire dragon for nothing! The coloring is done so beautifully and the blue and white stand out against the glossy black scales on the dragon’s body. They mimic the precious gemstone well enough almost to pass off as if the entire statue was made of them. The pose itself isn’t something new we have seen, but it definitely draws on dragon nostalgia we love. Just imagine him sitting atop a rock protecting his hoard of gems and gold down below.

He is the perfect gift for those who love dragons or even yourself! He is elegant enough to be added to your fancy bookshelves in your study, or he can be a centerpiece in your dining or family room. Where did I put mine? Why in my office, of course! He is nestled among my other collectibles protecting my hoard of Funko Pops and BanPresto figures! Regardless, if you need a new cloak, figure, something to spice up your home décor or a new sword. I highly suggest checking out Medieval Collectibles!

The Sapphire Dragon from Medieval Collectibes



Julia Roth
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