Its the most frightening time of the year. I am a big believer in Halloween. So much so, that I can be caught in my daily life saying “Halloween is not just a day. Its a state of mind.”  I firmly believe this sentiment to be true. But, I find as I get older, it becomes harder and harder to get into the holiday spirit. It happens later and later. Christmas especially, but now Halloween is harder for me to recognize.

So, to get you in the mood to celebrate the best holiday around (We can argue about this via Twitter, but I will probably win), here are ten podcasts to get excited about. These podcasts are not all serialized fiction, some cover historical events or true stories, some are essentially movie reviews, but all merit a listen as you decorate your house and yard for Halloween.

Last Podcast on the Left   


Last Podcast on the Left is kind of a catch all for the horror genre. The most reminiscent of shows on the radio now, this podcast is every late night rock station, but about horror. Last Podcast on the Left covers everything from real life serial killers and supernatural events, to witch hunts, to fictional spirits and lore. There are over 200 bloody episodes for over 400 hours of content.

Last Podcast on the Left is highly informative, if a little vulgar. Its also one of the funniest things I’ve listened to, especially in the horror genre. It can be difficult to make horror funny, but these guys have a natural chemistry, excellent comedic timing, and an impeccable sense of what is and isn’t funny.

Last Podcast on the Left is produced by Cave Comedy Radio. You can listen to episodes of Last Podcast on the Left on iTunes, SoundCloud, Stitcher, and YouTube. An archive of Last Podcast on the Left can be found on CaveComedy.com

The Noisy Spirit


The Noisy Spirit is a new podcast which tells stories of real- life paranormal encounters. This podcast is unique in the fact that it takes submissions from its listeners, and re-tells their ghost experiences or fictional stories on air. This podcast also delves into the human condition: why do we like to be scared? Why do we attribute these frights to ghosts?

Although The Noisy Spirit is a relatively new podcast, they already have quite a following. I suspect due in part to the host’s soothing voice and inflection. Another reason could be their foresight to release during the Halloween season. A brilliant choice, for a brilliant podcast!

The Noisy Spirit currently has a contest running for their Halloween show, any writers who want to submit a ghost story, real or fictional, are invited to submit.

The Noisy Spirit is produced by Noisy Spirit. You can listen to episodes of The Noisy Spirit on iTunes,  NoisySpirit.com,  SoundCloud, and YouTube.

Screaming Queenz


Screaming Queenz is a podcast that chose its name based on the hosts. Three gay men and a “token straight” man hailing from the UK discuss horror in all its forms over drinks. Their unique perspectives add humor to a usually serious topic.

Screaming Queenz discusses films, film trailers, scary stories, and the implications of different genres of horror, a topic often overlooked by other podcasts in the same genre.

The sound quality leaves something to desired for people who have sensitivities of an audio nature. I find that the quality adds an ambiance that is quite enjoyable if the listener is in the right state of mind.

Screaming Queenz is a new podcast produced by Jon Larkin, Martin Fenerty, Stephen Moore, and Jonathan Butler. You can listen to episodes of Screaming Queenz on iTunes.

Whispers In the Night


Whispers in the Night is another unique podcast. This podcast explores fear. Why we fear what we do, how that inspires urban legends and fictional stories, and where these stories tie to reality. Whispers in the Night is like a road map of horror, following fiction back to the possibly true source.

In this way, this podcast is like The Noisy Spirit, except that it also covers subjects like aliens, and anything else that might cause a cautious response. In this way, it is not exploring simply stereotypical supernatural hauntings and events of that nature.

Whisper in the Night is a new podcast produced by Seng Phengdouangdeth. You can listen to episodes of Whispers in the Night on iTunes, ACast.com, SoundCloud, Midwest-Podcast.org/WhispersintheNight, and Stitcher.

The Magnus Archives


The Magnus Archives are the archival recordings of Dr. Magnus, head of the Magnus Institute. His assistant, the very type “A”  Jonathan Sims, is reorganizing the plant archives because they have been neglected for years in the basement of the building. Each episode of The Magnus Archives follows a different archival entry as the assistant organizes the archives. Although each episode is technically stand alone, a serial thread links these episodes seamlessly.

The narration of The Magnus Archives lends itself to the trope “Snooty Butler” character, permeating many old horror and mystery stories. The overarching story fits this podcast perfectly. Episodes of The Magnus Archives don’t seek to give the listener answers, so much as, like Lovecraft, haunt the listener to sleep.

The Magnus Archives is a new podcast produced by Rusty Quill. You can listen to episodes of The Magnus Archives on iTunes, RustyQuill.com, Player.fm, Podbay.fm, and Stitcher.

The Wicked Library


The Wicked Library is a non-serial fiction podcast, relying on submissions from its listeners and outside contributors for their content. The Librarian introduces new stories each week, and offers a warning. Having listened to several episodes, the warning is never unmerited.

Each episode of The Wicked Library is stand alone. Daniel Foytik delivers the content of each episode. Do not listen to these episodes in the dark, you won’t be able to sleep after, or, if you can, you’ll have Lovecraftian nightmares. It might even be hard to listen to these in the middle of the day. This podcast is not for the faint of heart.

The Wicked Library is produced by Daniel Foytik of 9th Story Studio Productions. It is currently in its 7th season of production. You can listen to episodes starting from season 6 of The Wicked Library on iTunes, and episodes from the beginning of the series on TheWickedLibrary.com, Hipcast, Podbay, Podbean, and Stitcher.

History Goes Bump


I don’t know about you, but I love traveling. I love discovering new places, I even enjoy tourist traps. I hate how expensive travel can be, though.  History Goes Bump is all the exploring and information of traveling, but can be listened to on your drive to work.

This is a podcast that works as an auditory ghost tour of various places in the United States and around the world. From Ripley’s Believe it or Not, the Stanley Hotel, and the Unsinkable Molly Brown’s Home, to the Tower of London, where ever the listener may want to travel, they’re covered in this podcast. Each episode features “History of the Day” and a segment for listener mail.

History Goes Bump is produced  by Diane Student and Denise Mo0rmeier. You can listen to episodes of History Goes Bump on iTunes, HistoryGoesBump.comHistoryGoesBump.Libsyn.com/, TuneIn, Podbay, and Stitcher.



Lore is  a biweekly, non- serialized podcast which delves into urban legends, folklore, and mythologies from around the world. Each episode explains how the mythology around these subjects evolved from true events, and how the human mind can often stretch every day occurrences to give the stories a supernatural background where none was present before.

Aaron Mahnke’s delivery is impeccable. His timing is close to perfect to build suspense in the ears of the listener as he drives these episodes to their often thrilling conclusions.

Lore was the second podcast I ever downloaded. I have never been more in love with a mythos podcast than this one.

Lore is written, hosted and produced by Aaron Mahnke. You can listen to episodes of Lore on iTunes and Stitcher.

Diary of a Mad Man 


Diary of a Mad Man is a new podcast which is the recorded diary of a being known only as “the Mad Man”. Through the podcast, the Mad Man explains his motivations, details his obsessions, and follows a woman.

As a woman, I find this podcast especially creepy. Listening to the Mad Man try to explain his obsession with the woman he follows, and how it really is the most normal thing gives me the shivers.

Diary of a Mad Man is the most time effective use of horror that I’ve heard to date. Each episode lasts a maximum of five minutes, yet in those five minutes, my skin crawls.

Diary of a Mad Man is a new podcast and has just released its 10th episode at the time of the publishing of this article. It is written and produced by Shawn King . You can listen to episodes of Diary of a Mad Man  on iTunes. 

The Lift 


The Lift is a multi-authored production with a twilight zone feel. This podcast is unique in that while it is authored by multiple people, each story fits wonderfully into the overarching narrative. The Lift tells the story of Victoria, the phantasm of a nine year old girl, who lures people into an abandoned building containing a lift. As the occupants ride the lift, Victoria urges her companion to make a choice.

Why is she luring people into the lift? Is she evil? How did she come to inhabit the lift? Why a lift?

The Lift explores Victoria’s path as the guardian of the lift, and the insidious people she meets as she performs her duty. But why is she trapped, tied to the lift? Listen to find out.

The Lift is a multi-authored show, produced by Daniel Foytik of 9th Story Studio Productions. You can listen to episodes of The Lift on iTunes, VictoriasLift.com, and Stitcher.

Carolyn Ducker