The Star Wars podcast community is a vibrant one. All different people from all different backgrounds coming together and talking about Star Wars. There are different focuses and approaches to the podcasts, there’s one for almost every subject! There’s even a Star Wars Podcast Awards so you can bet there’s a ton out there. And with today being May the 4th, we’re just going to talk about 4.

Now, This Is Podcasting


From the informative people of Making Star Wars, Now This Is Podcasting is a weekly podcast covers the latest news, spoilers and speculation. They cover the upcoming films as well as other Star Wars media like TV, comics and novels. Hosts Randy Lo Gudice and Jason Ward go through a series of guest panelists and interviews. And with their insider knowledge, it makes the discussions that much more interesting. Spoilers beware! You can listen to them here.



Hosts Ken NapzokJoseph Scrimshaw and Jennifer Landa host ForceCenter. This one is different because they host different series of shows all under one great pod! For example, they have Databank Brawl – two characters are pulled from the Star Wars Databank and pitted against each other in a fantasy fight. Or The Best Background Jedi, which I’m sure you can guess what that’s about. They’re great shows! Our own Audrey Kearns was even a guest on two of their episodes which you can listen to here and here. And of course you can listen to them here.

Brews and Blasters


Have you ever just wanted to unwind and listen to a couple guys shoot the breeze about Star Wars? And maybe enjoy some drinks along with it? This is the podcast for you! Hosts Chris Salton and Joe Tavano host weekly “Star Wars parties” as they talk all things from the galaxy far, far away. Personally, I have a soft spot for these guys as they’re in my home state. But they’re incredibly entertaining and a must listen for those who want to just have fun! You can listen to them here.

Scavenger’s Hoard


Hosts Kirsty and Rachael have a weekly run down of news, analysis and commentary, focusing on the sequel trilogy and the future of the saga. If I’m to recommend just one podcast to you, it would be this. The analysis these girls have are incredible, I’m always learning something new with them. They’re always engaging and interesting to listen to. And with a two hour run time, that’s no easy feat. The podcast is relatively new but already won Best New Show – they warrant your attention. You can listen to them here.

It’s incredibly hard to focus on just 4 podcasts when there’s so many great ones out there. Like Steele Wars, Fangirls Going Rogue and so many others. But these 4 are definitely worth your time and ones you should be listening to.

Happy May the 4th! And May the Force Be With You, Always.

Erin Lynch