Max Steel

Like GI Joe, Transformers, Battleship, and a host of other toy properties, Mattel is throwing their hat into the movie ring with Max Steel.

Max Steel follows the tried and true formula of small town kid discovers parent was into some whacky stuff, shenanigans ensue.  When you watch the trailer there are so many tropes it makes your head spin; dead parent, nomadic life style, small town, unraveling dead parent mystery, super powers, training, saving the world, and a lovable sidekick robot.  I think I may have them all.

The movie is based off the Mattel toy line of the same name which has already seen two animated series adaptations, one on Kids WB and another on Cartoon Network.  Since those ran in early 2000’s it was long overdue for a reboot, this time on Disney XD.  The Disney XD series has been running since 2013 so there is that.

Honestly, I’m not sure what to think about this.  The movie comes out on October 14, as in less than two months from now and the full length trailer just dropped.  When you go to the website it’s not even complete.  Let’s then add all of that with the original release date being 2015 and I’m over here shaking my head.

All of this adds up to a pile of big, flashing, red warning signs.  I don’t expect the movie to be good, the studio doesn’t seem to have much faith in it either since there has been no marketing for it.  It shot in 2014 then disappeared until suddenly reappearing in the form of an international trailer a week or so ago, and now we have this trailer.

Knowing all of that, it looks like dumb fun so I’ll probably go see it because I’m a sucker for dumb fun.

16-year old MAX MCGRATH has just moved to a new town – and is desperately trying to fit in – when he discovers his body can generate the universe’s most powerful energy. Unbeknown to Max, a slightly rebellious and hilarious techno-organic extraterrestrial named Steel has been keeping an eye on him, hungry for his super-human energy.  When they finally meet, they discover that together they form MAX STEEL, a superhero possessing powerful strength beyond anything in our world.  These two unlikely friends soon find themselves hunted by sinister forces who want to control Max’s powers, as well as an unstoppable enemy from another galaxy.


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