Curious news. According to Matt Reeves, the plan for his upcoming Batman films won’t be apart of the DCEU. Hold your gasps for a moment. According to the director while on The Business podcast, he claims that it was the idea the entire time. Major thanks to Batman-News for pointing this out.

Speaking with Kim Masters, Reeves confirmed again that he has a trilogy in mind after taking the helm of the films from Ben Affleck. He continued to say that he’s “totally fine” not doing any Batman film, should his vision be hindered. He wants to make the Batman film he has envisioned and one that “resonates with [him] personally”.

When they approached me, what they said was “look, it’s a standalone, this isn’t part of the extended universe”

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Now, there is a possibility that the character will be the same, but this story’s events won’t tie to the current DCEU. But what he seems to imply is that the film will be completely on it’s own. Much like the Joker origin story we heard of yesterday. Again, this is speculation and he didn’t confirm anything. But we may be looking at another Dark Knight trilogy.

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Erin Lynch