Director Matt Reeves sat down with Fandango to talk about his latest film. But curious minds always want to talk about his next project as well, that little indie movie called The Batman. Turns out, Reeves has a bit more to say pertaining to the project. Namely, he has some ideas that could fill a trilogy of films.

While speaking about the film, Fandango asked if there was potential to make the films a trilogy. As with a lot of movies and books, three is the lucky number. And while he admits that he needs to start at square one, he does see potential for more.

I have ideas about an arc, but really, the important thing is just to start… you have to start with one. You know, you have to start with a story that begins something.

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He continues on by explaining where he started with his Planet of the Apes contribution to where it ended up. And of course, how that relates to the Batman movie.

In fact, when I came in on Dawn, the story that I wanted to tell was different from the story that they had even presented me. And so, there are these broad ideas, I think, that sort of came to mind as Rise was created, of how that story could be told, but they weren’t explicitly laid-out. And when Mark and I began Dawn, we knew what our goals were, but we didn’t know how we were gonna get there, and I would say that that more relates to the way that I see a Batman story, is a kind of ambition for a series of stories, but really the most important thing is gonna be to tell a vital first story.

So in essence, he’s reminding people that he has ideas for the film and potential other films, but they may not happen. Not every idea he has will come into fruition. That’s understandable, of course. But we can’t help but envision the film in his ideas. I will echo his sentiment though – story is key. If it’s a great story, I’m on board the whole way. Being a Batman fan, I’d love more Batman. But the question remains – do we need a Batman trilogy?

Let us know what you think! Should we have a Batfleck trilogy or pump the brakes on Batman for a while? 

Erin Lynch