HBO Max announced today that they have committed to a new series set in the DC universe. The series comes from Warner Bros Entertainment and Matt Reeves, Terrance Winter, and Dylan Clark. The series is currently untitled but will reside in the same universe as the upcoming The Batman film and focus on the Gotham police department. This series will launch a new Batman universe across multiple platforms. It will also continue to expand on Reeves’ world and introduce new and more complex characters.

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Reeves will be producing the Gotham PD series through his company, 6th & Idaho, along with Daniel Pipski and Adam Kassan. Winter, the creator of Boardwalk Empire, will be writing and executive producing the series along with Reeves. This will be the first television project released under Reeves’ deal with Warner Bros Entertainment. There is no news on who will be starring in the series or what characters we will see. However, being within the same universe there is a strong chance we will see Robert Pattinson back in the cape and cowl.

Reeves’ The Batman is giving us a new look into the caped crusader. The movie will show the darker side of Batman, one that is different from its predecessors. We’ll see a younger, more novice Batman who is just beginning to develop his abilities. My hope is that this new world of the Gotham PD will hold onto the dark atmosphere as well as expand on the typical villains we are accustomed to seeing.

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