Netflix has some absolute audacity by having me in tears two days in a row. First with Cowboy Bebop‘s trailer last night and now with Masters of the Universe: Revelation part two trailer today. Part one of Kevin Smith‘s continuation to the 1980s cult classic series focused heavily on Teela (Sarah Michelle Gellar) and Andra’s (Tiffany Smith) journey to find the two pieces of the sword of power and forge them back together. The final episode ended on quite the cliffhanger and thankfully, we won’t have to wait long to get to the conclusion.

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The trailer for part two of Masters of the Universe: Revelation begins as Skeletor (Mark Hamill), now Skelegod, prepares to rule Eternia forever alongside his new Sorceress, Evil-Lyn (Lena Headey). But our heroes aren’t ready to drop their swords just yet. It seems that Teela has a better understanding of her destiny, she is able to save He-Man (Chris Wood) and everyone on Eternia is prepared to fight for their freedom. Plus, it seems like He-Man will be getting his own little arc. The trailer shows a part where he truly understands that the sword was just a conduit and he really does have the power.

But, the most crucial thing in this trailer (for me at least) doesn’t come until the very end. And that is hearing Orko’s (Griffin Newman) voice. That was all I needed to hear for the tears to start flowing. It really looks like Masters of the Universe: Revelation‘s second part is looking to be the never-ending montage fight scene we have been waiting for! And even though things are getting pretty heated, we still get the classic campy feel we love with the franchise. This trailer is giving me everything I need to tie this series to a close!

Masters of the Universe: Revelation stars Gellar, Smith, Hamill, Headey, Wood, Newman, Liam Cunningham (Man-At-Arms), Stephen Root (Cringer), Diedrich Bader (King Randor/Trap Jaw), Henry Rollins (Tri-Klops), Alan Oppenheimer (Moss Man), Susan Eisenberg (Sorceress), Alicia Silverstone (Queen Marlena), Justin Long (Roboto), Jason Mewes (Stinkor), Phil LaMarr (He-Ro), Tony Todd (Scare Glow), Cree Summer (Priestess), Kevin Michael Richardson (Beast Man), Method Man (Clamp Champ), Dee Bradley Baker (Savage He-Man), Danny Trejo (Ramm Man) and Kevin Conroy (Mer-Man).

Masters of the Universe: Revelation part two drops onto Netflix starting November 23, 2021. Catch up on part one here! We’ve shared the trailer below so you can enjoy the action right along with us! What do you think of part two? Let us know in the comments below and on social media!

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