He-Man is on track to show up on the big screen. A promotional poster was released this week that, though extremely nondescript, has given us all confirmation that we’ll being seeing the new live-action Masters of the Universe in theaters in due time. Collider reported Thursday.

The poster isn’t much. It’s just the film’s silvery logo on a gray, cloudy background. The operative words “the power returns 2021” scrawled across the bottom. This poster is meant more for marketing the film than for drawing fans’ excitement. But, it does give us reassurance that the studio has confidence in their timeline. And that’s saying something. Since the departure of director David S. Goyer, the project had been in limbo and then pushed back from its December 2019 release date.  

Earlier this year, it was announced that Iron Man writers Art Marcum and Matt Holloway were tapped to write the Masters of the Universe script. This spring it was confirmed by actor Noah Centineo that he will be playing Prince Adam, himself. 

Masters of the Universe is set to be released in theaters May 5, 2021.  

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