The Simpsons, Edward Scissorhands, Nightmare Before Christmas, Men in Black, Good Will Hunting. What do all these films have in common? Danny Elfman. Elfman, who originally rose to fame as the lead singer of new wave band Oingo Boingo, has made a name for himself as a composer for some of the most beloved movies of our time. Over 100 of them to be specific. That doesn’t include the compositions he has created for television, stage productions and concert halls.

It goes without saying that Elfman is a master of his craft. And now you have a chance to learn from the craftsman himself thanks to MasterClass, the platform that makes it possible for anyone to learn from the best.

In a press release MasterClass proudly announced that the four-time Oscar-nominated film composer “…will teach a class on the process of making music out of chaos. The class will let members completely into Danny’s world, offering an intimate and uncensored look at the composer’s film scoring process and how to elevate a story through sound.”

“Elfman’s MasterClass is designed for everyone from the casual film lover to the advanced film composer. Weaving a wide range of lessons together, Elfman will help students understand the process by which he was able to create some of his most notable works, featuring case studies of The Nightmare Before Christmas and Milk. Elfman also provides members unprecedented access to his private studio – which he has never shared publicly before – offering a look at his software and effects, and the big board that keeps track of his output and time management.”

“For introductory composers, the class dives into lessons on classical music composition and the history of music in film through the unique lens of Elfman’s experience. As the lessons become more advanced, he hones in on the process-oriented elements of composition, from identifying instrumentation to creating consistent themes and motifs. The class also includes a range of helpful industry-focused lessons, such as engaging with directors, maintaining creative inspiration throughout your work and how to handle ego and insecurity.”

If you’re interested in taking Danny Elfman’s class start your journey by clicking here and checking out the trailer below!

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Fallon Marie Gannon