It’s here!  The full-length trailer for Mary Poppins Returns was released Monday, and it delivers all of the magic you have been hoping for. 

A new Mary Poppins movie has many fans feeling bitter sweet.  There are high hopes, but we all know that Julie Andrews will never be replaced.  Some of the pressure is lifted in this being a sequel and not a remake.  No replacement needed.  We’re moving forward to a time when the Banks children have grown and need Mary Poppins’ help to see the wonder in life again.  

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Emily Blunt seems to do an excellent job of playing the character and not the original actress.  Her Poppins is slightly more colorful in dress and attitude.  She is full of joy and excitement, while adhering to the stern disposition of the greatest nanny in time and space.  

The trailer is full of that joy and excitement.  And, the effects, though updated for our time, fit right in with what we love about the first film.  There are practical effects and nostalgic animated sequences that bring you right back to the feeling you had when you first saw the Banks children floating on laughter or Mary Poppins and Burt dancing with penguin waiters.  It’s everything.  It actually made me misty. 

In Disney’s “Mary Poppins Returns,” an all new original musical and sequel, Mary Poppins is back to help the next generation of the Banks family find the joy and wonder missing in their lives following a personal loss. Emily Blunt stars as the practically-perfect nanny with unique magical skills who can turn any ordinary task into an unforgettable, fantastic adventure and Lin-Manuel Miranda plays her friend Jack, an optimistic street lamplighter who helps bring light—and life—to the streets of London.

Mary Poppins Returns will float into theaters on December 19th. 




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