Iron Fist

Iron Fist opens in Harold Meachum’s (David Wenham) penthouse. It’s late at night, and two of Madame Gao’s (Wai Ching Ho) henchmen wake the reclusive titan from a sound sleep. It turns out, the Hand is concerned with Harold’s growing rebellious streak. While the elder Meachum pleads his case, maintaining that he needed to investigate Danny’s (Finn Jones) sudden reappearance, the Hand is still not pleased. It seems there’s one question on their mind. How is it that the missing heir to the Rand corporation (whose identity the Meachum family desperately tried to hide) turns out to be the one and only sworn enemy of the Hand?

Things appear bleak as Harold tells them he knows nothing about Danny Rand. Everyone suddenly turns as someone else enters the penthouse. Surprised, Danny looks over them, “Harold… we have a problem”. Harold uses the distraction to grab the knife he’s being threatened with, before plunging it into the chest of one of his attackers. A fight breaks out. However, Danny’s chi is drained (he used the Iron Fist during the challenge), and things only come to a close when Harold brutally slits the other attacker’s throat.

Iron Fist

Meanwhile, Joy (Jessica Stroup) struggles to bring Ward (Tom Pelphrey) back from the edge. She wants to help him, but Harold has put far too much on his son. Ward can’t confide in anyone. Not even his sister. He glances at his phone as there’s another call from “Frank N. Stein”, and a frustrated Joy storms from the room.

At the same time, Danny attempts to sit still as Colleen (Jessica Henwick) stitches up his wounds. Danny’s surprisingly concerned, but Colleen insists that he can’t go to the hospital. It isn’t safe. While they share a drink, he attempts to explain his tattoo to her. It turns out, it is the mark of the Iron Fist. According to Danny, it allows him to harness his chi, which makes his fist light up. As he later attempts to make a quick exit, she grabs his hand. “I want you to stay…”. And with that, Danny’s vow of celibacy goes out the Dojo window.

Iron Fist

Later, a jittery Ward arrives at the penthouse just in time to see Harold destroying the bodies of the two Hand henchmen. As he looks at the bodies, Ward is overcome with heaves. He runs to vomit, but suddenly stops. There’s a finger in the trashcan. Ward is aggravated when Harold asks him to dump the bodies in the park. His father holds out a bloody hammer, “Just like when we went deer hunting…. you have to clean your kill.” Ward looks at him, “I never went hunting”. Harold smirks as he goes back to work, “Maybe that was your sister”.

The next morning, a rejuvenated Danny returns to the office. However, Joy quickly tracks him down. Ward is off radar, and she is on edge. Danny and Joy butt heads as she informs him of the statement he needs to read at an upcoming board meeting. He’s apologizing for his apology. The moment is brief, however; as Madame Gao arrives at Rand Enterprises.

Iron Fist

Danny barely hears Joy’s protests as he follows Madame Gao into his office. She tells Danny he needs to be Danny Rand, and enjoy the spoils of the company’s dealings with the Hand. He’s never going to beat them, so why not join them. When Danny once again tries to get answers about Wendell, she leaves.

However, Danny is not through with this conversation yet, and he follows them down the elevator shaft. The team from the Hand stops at the 13th floor. While Danny hovers outside, he hears what the Hand is doing. In fact, Rand Enterprises and the Hand are practically one in the same. The crime syndicate is using the mechanism of Danny’s company to spread their drugs across the city.

Meanwhile, Colleen looks up from her training when she hears a voice. A smile spreads across her face as she hugs a mysterious visitor.

Iron Fist

Later, Danny sits down in front of the angry Board of Directors. There is an outcry as he tosses Joy’s statement aside, and once again makes more enemies than friends. Not only will Rand close down the plant, but they will keep everyone on payroll. While the Board objects, it’s too late. Danny has already gone to a local reporter, Karen Page (Reference Alert!). The media has the story.

While Danny and Colleen plot to take down the Hand, Ward leaves town, bound for rehab. However, just when he feels like he’s finally out, he receives a phone call. The bank declined his credit card.

Meanwhile, Joy receives a late night visit from the Board of Directors. There has been a vote, and Ward, Joy and Danny have each been ousted from Rand Enterprises.

Across town, Danny and Colleen finally infiltrate the Hand’s warehouse. They find the Chemist easily, and with his dying breath, the man gives them a vital clue. It seems Wendell did work with the Hand. Could the Rands have been going to meet them when the plane crashed?

At the same time, Ward pays Harold a visit. It turns out Ward was embezzling money from Rand Enterprises. While Harold protected his son and covered his tracks, he now needs Ward to stay. Harold punches his son in the stomach when Ward resists, “You’re my creation, you belong to me…”. However, he makes one mistake when turns his back on his desperate son. Harold barely has time to fight as Ward stabs him repeatedly.

Iron Fist

Netflix subscribers can now watch the first full season of Iron Fist.



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