I, Tom Laurie, and my sister, Leona Laurie, are (re)watching every Marvel movie so we can cheerfully and critically discuss them. In what is indisputably our most punishing episode, we’re talking about X-Men: First Class.

In this episode of Marvel Us, we’re schooled on the true story of the Cuban Missile Crisis.

Lessons learned:

  • Where Magneto learned everything. Literally everything. Every single distinct character trait.
  • Kevin Bacon, bringing dozens of actors just a few degrees closer.
  • Breaking free from the old timeline, only so we can dislocate every joint trying to grab hold of it in the next film.
  • Charles Xavier: judgmental, egotistical, invasive, manipulative… heroic???
  • Falling in love with a huge extended cast of characters who will never be seen again.
  • What if women could only contribute to the plot while in their underwear?

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