I, Tom Laurie, and my sister, Leona Laurie, are (re)watching every Marvel movie so we can cheerfully and critically discuss them. In what is indisputably our shortest episode yet, we’re talking about Elektra

In episode 11 of Marvel Us, my sister and I rehash Elektra, the surprisingly good Rob Bowman supernatural assassin escapade. I enrich this exercise by sharing facts and trivia about the film. There is humor. You will enjoy this.

Here are some points of interest:

  • Rob Bowman was a well liked director on Star Trek: TNG and The X-Files. He also directed a lot of Castle.
  • Elektra made $24.4 mill domestically, $56 mill worldwide– the lowest for a Marvel film since Howard the Duck.
  • This film only has 10% on Rotten Tomatoes, but somehow Blade: Trinity has 25%. 
  • Jennifer Garner did not like the film, but she had to do it due to a contractual obligation from Daredevil.
  • Ben Affleck filmed a cameo scene that mercifully didn’t make the cut.
  • This movie passes the Bechdel Test and the Knope Friendship Test. It’s also way better than it gets credit for. 
  • Zod is there, but he never demands that anyone kneel before him.
  • My little dog, Alvin, had an audible sneezing fit during taping.
Alvin: best puppy

Alvin: best puppy


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