I, Tom Laurie, and my sister, Leona Laurie, are (re)watching every Marvel movie so we can cheerfully and critically discuss them. In what is indisputably our most redundant episode yet, we’re talking about Deadpool 2.

In this episode of Marvel Us, we do the bits from the first movie, but a little worse.

Familiar Grounds Retread:

  • What if Deadpool had to regrow limbs? Twisted.
  • Vanessa sure had a lot of potential at the end of the last movie, right?
  • Imagine if… like… Deadpool and Colossus were gay together. Weird!!!
  • Good thing they didn’t bring Gina Carano‘s cool character back! How about a dozen other one-dimensional characters instead?
  • Negasonic Teenage Warhead was a real standout, so this time she should speak twice.
  • TJ Miller still sucks.

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