I, Tom Laurie, and my sister, Leona Laurie, are (re)watching every Marvel movie so we can cheerfully and critically discuss them. In what is indisputably our most vengeful episode, we’re talking about The Avengers.

In this episode of Marvel Us, we take a Tesseract portal down Memory Lane.

Memories revisited:

  • Male writers think two women would be a majority over four men.
  • The banter was fresh for its day, but we’ve seen more accomplished with an ensemble (by people who aren’t Joss Whedon).
  • Captain America: His earnestness grows on you like a reassuring moss.
  • Black Widow has so much potential! We hope they seize on it within the next 6 years! *a tumbleweed blows by*
  • Sometimes a woman needs to be shorter than a man, and sometimes she needs to be just as tall. Gender is weird!

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