I, Tom Laurie, and my sister, Leona Laurie, are (re)watching every Marvel movie so we can cheerfully and critically discuss them. In what is indisputably our most three-dimensional episode, we’re talking about The Amazing Spider-Man.

In this episode of Marvel Us, we take spin a web in New York’s notoriously gecko filled sewers.

Sewers surfed:

  • The crystal clear sewer water really lets you appreciate all the turds.
  • It took a tested, experienced, qualified director to helm this series: the guy who made 500 Days of Summer and a bunch of music videos.
  • Rhys Ifans probably spent months living among New York’s lizards to prepare for the role.
  • What do youngsters listen to while skateboarding? Coldplay? Sure. Why not?
  • Finally, a cast of high school students approved by AARP.

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