Today Marvel unveiled 22 character posters from Avengers: Infinity War. Yes, you read that correctly – twenty two posters. In the upcoming days of the release, we’re getting bits and pieces of promotion, but it’s not giving us too much on story. In all honesty, it looks like we’re mostly getting promotion that shows off the size of the cast. And these posters really give some perspective on that.

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Released in a series of 6 tweets, we have characters posters for what we’re assuming is our focal cast of heroes. I say focal because Hawkeye (Jeremy Renner), Ant-Man (Paul Rudd) and Wasp (Evangeline Lilly) are yet again shafted from these posters. We still don’t have an answer but we’re really hoping it’s a good one! That being said, we have some great looks at their costumes that are on full display in each poster. Notably, Iron Man’s  (Robert Downey Jr.) suit is looking real sleek. And Bucky’s (Sebastian Stan) arm is definitely made from Wakandan technology – check the style with black and gold coloring!

But you don’t want to hear from me anymore do you? You just want to see the posters! I don’t blame you one bit so check them out below. Be sure to tell us which one is your favorite! Mine’s Captain America’s because I’m super biased. Avengers: Infinity War unleashes into theaters April 27th.