The Marvel Cinematic Universe is in full swing, with sixteen individual films stretched across the better part of a decade, all telling one larger, over-arching story. However, though the MCU is doing exceedingly well with no real signs of slowing down, this particular story will have to wind down eventually. Actors contracts alone are reason enough for that. 

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So where does a multi-billion dollar franchise turn for new life? According to a new rumor from That Hashtag Show, you turn to kids! More specifically, the Power Pack. The site is careful to say that they are not specifically saying the film is going into production anytime soon or even that it’s going into active script development, simply that the studio is revisiting the story. We say revisiting because Power Pack was one of the initial properties on their film slate before 2008’s Iron Man.

The site goes on to add that Guardians of the Galaxy producer, Jonathan Schwartz, has been given “executive oversight on the film.” It’s unclear what exactly that means, but our best guess is that, with Phase Three winding down, Marvel Studios is looking ahead to the possibilities of what could come next. In fact, they are most likely vetting more than a few more properties for possible development. After all, everyone told them Guardians was a gamble because it was such an unknown name — but the studio made it a huge name. So why not do that a second time with Power Pack?

And just who are the Power Pack?

They are four siblings — two brothers, two sisters — who are bequeathed four power suits by a dying alien. The alien, by the way, is a Kymelian — like Beta Ray Bill. The suits grant each child a different power: Alex Power can manipulate gravity, Jack Power can manipulate an object’s mass, Julie Power can fly at super fast speeds and Katie Power can fire energy bolts and create energy shields. The kick with the Power siblings, however, is that these powers can be traded.

It seems likely that, with Schwartz producing and James Gunn currently trying to build out the future of the Marvel Cosmic story, the Power Pack could be a great story to add in there.

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