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Casting rumors and confirmations for Marvel are flying! Out of deadline we’ve got a rumor that marvel have chosen Krysten Ritter to play Jessica Jones for the next installment of their Netflix deal.

Jessica Jones is a sarcastic, potty-mouthed, rough-around-the-edges and overall depressed person — there’s a definite darkness to her. Here’s what Deadline had to say:

Jessica Jones is a “superhero suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, which leads to her hanging up her costume and opening her own detective agency, where she ends up helping people and assisting other superheroes.”


It sounds like they will be pulling a lot from Brian Michael Bendis’s run on a comic called Alias (the name of her Private Detective Agency), where he introduced us to a girl/hero who’s always been there, somewhere In the background, just never seen or mattered enough for anyone to really notice or care about her. With the powers of super strength and flight, she tries to do the superhero thing for a while under the mantel of Jewel, until the Purple Man terrorizes her.


With her carefree spirit robbed of her by her run in with Purple Man, she quits “the life” and starts a Private Detective Agency called “Alias,” and, as her investigations expand, so does her notoriety until she’s finally noticed by the Avengers. In the comics, she and Luke Cage are married and have a kid — this story is where they first met.


With her sarcastic timing, sardonic attitude and the dark side we know she has because we’ve seen Breaking Bad, Krysten Ritter really is a great choice for this role.

The rumor continues with inside-knowledge that Mike Colter (The Following) is Marvel’s top choice to be Luke Cage.


Luke Cage (aka Power Man) is a hero who has super strength, unbreakable skin and an abrasive, alpha male, don’t-mess-with-me attitude totally reminiscent of characters like Shaft. The word right now is that his character would come in half way through the season and co-star in most episodes from there on out until he gets his own show after Jessica Jones.


Neither of these are confirmation from Marvel, no deals are officially signed just yet, but this is apparently who Marvel wants for these roles.

It’s been a great week for Comic Book fans.

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