This weekend marks the premiere of MCU‘s first female-led film, Captain Marvel. We here at Geek Girl Authority are looking forward to seeing Carol Danvers flying high on the big screen. Since we want to share our excitement with the world, we’ve come up with a few outfits you can rock (or inspire you) to your viewing. All of them based on the outfits she wears in the film. Starting with…

So you want to go all out in your style and take Carol’s Starforce suit as inspiration? Well lucky for you, there are some sites that can help with that. HerUniverse is currently offering a leather jacket with the gold star and everything (and selling out quickly!). For my fellow plus size ladies, there’s a plus size version on the site and a moto jacket over on Torrid. Maybe leather isn’t your thing but you want to invest in your fangirling. I mean, Carol Danvers is awesome! Elhoffer Design has the Corps Dress, a beautiful piece that will make you swing the skirt around all day. It’s offered all the way from a S to a 3XL.

If you’re like me, then you’re experiencing some winter weather so you want to be cozy. That’s where the Corps Shawl Cardigan comes in, also from Elhoffer. This sweatshirt from Torrid could also be an option. Or maybe you just want something subtle but still screams that her suit is iconic. You could pair your outfit with this belt from BuckleDown to give it a super powered boost. Maybe this t-shirt from Her Universe that makes your fashion fly higher, further, faster. Whatever you choose to do – make sure it’s navy or dark blue with red and gold!

Perhaps the suit is too much, maybe you want to wear some greens and browns inspired by our favorite Air Force pilot. HerUniverse continues to own the game with this cargo romper that might make you feel like you’re in the military (of fashion). Torrid offers something similar with a patchwork dress. If those prices are too much, it’s time for some Disneybounding ingeniuity. You could head to your local Target and pick up an olive dress like this and pair it with a brown leather jacket like this one from Amazon. Or you could always just wear something like this bomber jacket from Torrid. If you’re seeing it during the day, be sure to pair these outfits with some killer aviator sunglasses

Want to put this look together? We got you! Start off with the Nine Inch Nails shirt. It’s even better if you have one in your closet or find it at your local Good Will. SHIELD hat? Check! You can always cheat with a grey baseball hat. Pick up a pair of your favorite dark wash jeans, like these ones from Old Navy. Remember, straight leg was super in at the time. Now ideally you have a very distressed leather jacket laying around your house. Realistically, you don’t so you can always pick one up. Finish the look with some Doc Martens and you’re ready to kick some Skrull booty.

Of course, we can always play around with this one quite a bit. Changing out the band t-shirt for another band you loved from the early 90s. Heck, put on a Backstreet Boys shirt with a leather jacket! Or just wear your best 90s fashion. You have a few outfits in mind and you know it. No matter what you’re gonna look awesome!

The biggest thing you need to remember is to be comfortable and have fun. Keep flying higher, further, faster, baby!

Captain Marvel soars into theaters March 8th, 2019.


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