Need a fake fire to put on your screen for hours on end but the traditional fires and Yule logs don’t quite make your nerdy heart sing?  Marvel may have the answer with five Marvel firesides.

With ten videos total, you get the choice of a far away look of a single room with the fire in the distance, or you can get the close up treatment.  There is the traditional Captain America Brooklyn apartment, Ms. Marvel’s New Jersey Home, Iron Man’s Manhattan Penthouse, and then things get out of this world.  The next two sets are from the Guardians of the Galaxy Ship, the Milano, and Thor’s Asgard abode.

Each video is roughly 1 hour long and is accompanied by thematically appropriate music.  Guardians of the Galaxy goes a little bit further, pictured above, with a dancing Baby Groot and no actual fire.  I mean, you can’t put a fire on a spaceship without dire consequences.  Remember, kids, fire is bad in both deep sea expeditions or space when you’re in a metal pod filled with life sustaining oxygen.

All sponsored by Coca-Cola but still fun for the winter.


Stephanie Cookies
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