For all you Marvel Comic Book fans, here is everything being released tomorrow!

~Matt Key

If you’re a nut for BIG EVENTS, you’ll want this book because it just really doesn’t get bigger than Charles Soule and Steve McNiven killing off in DEATH OF WOLVERINE #4.


Also, Storm dealing with Wolverine’s death in STORM #4 from Greg Pak and Stephanie Hans


And even further, who’s going to take Wolverine’s place? An ally, or an arch-enemy? Find out in this 7-issue arc, also from writer Charles Soule and artist Oliver Nome.

The other really big event going on at Marvel is their EDGE OF SPIDER-VERSE epic and we’ve got two out this week.

This one, EDGE OF SPIDER-VERSE #5, from writer Gerard Way and artist Jake Wyatt


…and some sweet, sweet SPIDER-MAN 2099 #5 action from Peter David and artist Will Sliney.


Also, with THE AVENGERS, we’ve got a big event going on called TIME RUNS OUT. Hickman is doing an amazing job weaving these epic stories together and we’ve got NEW AVENGERS #25 from Jonathan Hickman and Kev Walker.

Lastly, in terms of really big events going on, we’ve got the mastermind Rick Remender spinning up his AXIS story. We’ve got two titles coming out this week from there.

This main title, AXIS #2 from Rick Remender and Adam Kubert sees a lot of dramatic changes to the Marvel universe at large…


And this one, following a younger Loki’s roll in the unfolding events, from writer Al Ewing and artist Jorge Coelho.


If you got into the big event Marvel just did with ORIGINAL SIN, they have ANNUAL #1 coming out from writer Jason Latour and artist Enis Cisic, telling the story of Woodrow McCord, the enigmatic story of the “Man on the Wall” who gave Nick Fury his job.


Not necessarily attached to any big events, we’ve also got these titles for you to look forward to.

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