Do you have a Marvel True Believer on your “nice” list? No matter what their age, there is a Marvel title from Abrams Books that fits the bill! Before Santa’s arrival (a mutant in the Marvel universe, FYI), here are six excellent Marvel books arranged from younger readers to older.

Spider-Man: The Spider-Verse Unfolds

Spider-Man: The Spider-Verse Unfolds cover featuring various images from Spider-Man: Enter the Spider-Verse.

First up are some offerings for the younger readers on your shopping list. Spider-Man: The Spider-Verse Unfolds has illustrations by Mingjue Helen Chen and book design by Deena Fleming. This fun retelling of Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse is ideal for your little True Believers.

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This book will be especially interesting for young readers because of its unusual format. Because it is an Abrams Unfolds book, it features a folding accordion-style design. This causes the illustrations to leap off the page as the readers progress through the story.

You can pick up a copy of Spider-Man: The Spider-Verse Unfolds here.

Marvel Super Heroes: The Ultimate Pop-Up Book

Marvel Super Heroes: The Ultimate Pop-Up Book cover featuring Black Panther, Hulk, the Scarlet Witch, Captain America and Spider-Man.

The next book for young readers is Marvel Super Heroes: The Ultimate Pop-Up Book. This incredible, amazing and occasionally uncanny collection of pop-up displays and activities is a true marvel. While you may have read many pop-up books before, you and your little True Believers will be wowed by this stand-out volume.

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Marvel Super Heroes: The Ultimate Pop-Up Book was written by and has paper design by Matthew Reinhart. The pop-up book features pencils and inks by Aaron Lopresti, Paul Pelletier and Stacey Lee Phillips, with colors by Rachelle Rosenberg and cover art by John Tyler Christopher.

You can get a copy of Marvel Super Heroes: The Ultimate Pop-Up Book here.

The Alex Ross Marvel Comics Super Villains Poster Book

The Alex Ross Marvel Comics Super Villains Poster Book cover featuring Hela, Venom, Doom, Green Goblin, Red Skull, Black Cat and others.

The Alex Ross Marvel Comics Super Villains Poster Book by Alex Ross collects the portraits of Marvel Comics super villains the artist created for a giant-sized mural. Each of the 37 portraits is accompanied by a paragraph Ross wrote about his artistic decisions for the depictions. Many of the paragraphs also include details about Ross’s personal relationship with the characters.

This book will be perfect for a Marvel Comics villain fan. But it will be even more perfect for a fan with a dorm room or office space that needs decorating. The oversize book features a special cover that protects the pull-out pages within. Said pages are suitable for framing. Package the book with an appropriately sized frame (or three) for the gift of instant, customizable decor.

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You can find The Alex Ross Marvel Comics Super Villains Poster Book here.

Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse: The Art of the Movie

Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse: The Art of the Movie cover featuring Miles swinging through a sideways cityscape.

Need to thwip up a gift for a slightly older True Believer and one who can’t get enough of that Marvelous Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse? Consider Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse: The Art of the Movie. This hefty tome features a whole slew of concept art that offers new insights into the extensive character design and world-building that has made the animated series such a breakout success.

This art book was written by Ramin Zahed with a foreword by Jeff Koons. In terms of art, the work of dozens of artists who worked on the movie is included. Furthermore, Zahed interviewed many key crew members and artists, offering even more insight into the creation of the second volume in the landmark animated trilogy.

You can get your copy of Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse: The Art of the Movie here.

The Story of Marvel Studios

The Story of Marvel Studios slipcase holding both volumes of the title.

Is there an older True Believer on your list who knows every movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe backward and forward? Then perhaps they’d be interested in the behind-the-scenes story. The Story of Marvel Studios is a lavish, two-volume set that comes in a slipcase. It features pages crammed with behind-the-scenes photos, illustrations and article reproductions.

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The Story of Marvel Studios was written by Tara Bennett and Paul Terry. It includes a foreword by Kevin Feige and an afterword by Robert Downey Jr. And in between, you’ll find extensive interviews with the many different individuals whose work built the MCU. And because this book was created with the full endorsement of Marvel Studios, you can expect the kind of access that you won’t find anywhere else.

Get your copy of The Story of Marvel Studios here.

The Super Hero’s Journey

The Super Hero's Journey cover featuring the Watcher looking over Cap, Mr. Fantastic, Iron Man, Spidey, Thor and Black Panther.

But perhaps you’re looking for a Marvel book that incorporates philosophy and self-reflection. The Super Hero’s Journey by Mutts cartoonist Patrick McDonnell is a unique graphic novel that synthesizes a Fantastic Four story with elements of memoir and quotes from well-respected thinkers.

The Super Hero’s Journey is a singular Marvel Comics graphic novel. However, it’s also an interesting examination of the intersection of one’s personal sphere and pop culture. And because of this depth, it makes an ideal gift for the more mature True Believers on your list.

You can find a copy of The Super Hero’s Journey here.

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