Mark Wahlberg is in final talks to join the cast of the upcoming Uncharted movie, opposite Tom Holland.  

So, it looks like this movie is really going to happen after all of this anticipation!  The future of the film was in question when director Dan Trachtenberg left the project.  Travis Knight (Bumblebee) signed on to direct in September.  It’s on! 

This Uncharted film is to be a prequel to the video game.  Holland will play a young Nathan Drake, learning the treasure-hunting ropes.  Wahlberg, who was in talks to play Drake in a previous production when David O. Russell was first directing an adaptation, has now signed on to play Drake’s mentor, Sully.  According to Variety, when Wahlberg found out they were making a prequel, he wanted a chance to come back and join the franchise. It looks like mission accomplished!

Uncharted is expected to show up in theaters in December 2020 for a holiday release.  

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