It looks like Mark Ruffalo isn’t going to be stepping away from the MCU just yet. According the Hollywood Reporter, during a C2E2 panel this past weekend Ruffalo shared that he was in preliminary talks to join the Disney Plus She-Hulk series. His reprisal of Bruce Banner and the Hulk is still up in the air, but it does make sense that he would at least appear within the series at the beginning.

Fans of the comics know that the essential birth of the She-Hulk is due to a blood transfusion performed from Bruce to his cousin Jennifer after she is shot by a criminal. This passes on Bruce’s gamma irradiated blood in turn giving Jennifer a savage Hulk side as well. In the comics this is really the only time we see Bruce Banner, as Jennifer goes on to learn to control her transformations on her own.

With the idea that Mark Ruffalo will possibly be a part of the She-Hulk series in some way gives me hope that we will be getting at least some type of origin story. As a fan of her, I hope that we can get a series that shows her struggle to live both an ordinary everyday life as an attorney while also working to control the She-Hulk within. The other question that I still have is when in the timeline will all of this take place? Is this post Avengers: Endgame or will be get a pre Avengers She-Hulk story? Only time will tell on this one.

She-Hulk is currently in development with a 2020 debut date. Emmy award winning scribe Jessica Gao is leading the writing team. Make sure to check back in with us for future She-Hulk updates.

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