~Matt Key

Out of Deadline yesterday is total confirmation that, not only is Marvel looking to put Mark Ruffalo into Thor: Ragnarok but that they are “near a deal with Mark Ruffalo to bring his Hulk character” into the “third installment of the series.” Not only that, they then go on to say later that it is “indeed happening.”

So, if Deadline is to be believed — and as a reputable site they should be — we’ll see the Mjolnir-wielding Asgardian God of Thunder, Thor, tripping through the realms of Asgard with the brutish, out of control Green Goliath that is The Incredible Hulk. Perhaps even more fun than that is to see the farthest reaches of time and space through the eyes of the very mortal and very meek eyes of the scientist Bruce Banner, Hulk’s alter-ego.


Just as interesting is that Thor and Hulk are the only two Avengers to not have an appearance in the up-coming Captain America: Civil War. And according to other sources, they are bringing the Hulk in as a way to bring some much needed levity to what is shaping up to be a very dark story. Apparently, if these rumors turn out to be true, we’ll see the Jade Giant and Thor embarking on a road trip type movie.

This is apparently also why they are bringing in the comedic director of What We Do in the Shadows and Eagle vs. Shark, Taika Waititi, which, coincidentally, Deadline also seems to confirm is indeed the director of the film, and no longer just someone that the successful studio is looking at.


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