They are not fooling around on Star Wars: Episode IX. While not letting the script leak is very important, it appears Lucasfilm has taken extra steps to be sure of it. Everyone’s favorite Jedi Mark Hamill spoke to EW about just how much went into securing the script. And it has to do with color.

According to the star, the script uses a particular color of the script that makes it hard to not only read but copy. “They’re going to send rewrites over to Prague on this dark red paper that gives you a headache to read,” Hamill said. “They’re going to come and give it to me and wait for me to read it before I give it back. So no pressure! You can’t even keep it overnight. But that’s the way it is now.” He notes that he was able to keep his script for The Last Jedi, but JJ Abrams and Lucasfilm won’t this time around. And according to the site, red paper was used before when filming The Force Awakens. So while this isn’t a new tactic, it’s one that emphasizes just how serious they are.

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I find it extremely fascinating just what sets will do to prevent secrets from leaking. Granted, I really don’t wanna learn anything about the film unless it’s officially released. (Okay, maybe I want to know a bit more than that). But it spoils everything to learn secrets about the film! Can’t we all just speculate until we’re either proven right, wrong or completely and totally wrong? It’s also worth mentioning that when Hamill read the script for the first Star Wars, he passed it around to all of his friends and no one cared. Well, they didn’t realize how much of a hit it would be. 

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Erin Lynch