Hear ye, hear ye! We may have another member of the stand-alone Joker film starring Joaquin Phoenix. Well, at least according to Variety, the popular actor is in talks to join the film. Enter Marc Maron, riding a huge wave of success with Netflix’s GLOW. While the part seems a bit small for the actor, we have a bit to speculate on. So just who is he playing?

According to the site, Maron is in talks for a part as an agent who books talent on a talk show. Apparently the host of the talk show will be played by Robert DeNiro. And they’ll both have a part in driving the Joker mad. So it seems a bit small, being just an agent. But we honestly don’t know just how big the role will be. Maybe it’s much bigger than is being led on. Since we have no further details on the role, that’s all we have to go by.

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If I may throw my opinion in the ring, I think Maron has the face of a cop. I think it would be more fun for him to play a disgruntled cop dealing with the ensuing craziness that is Phoenix’s Joker. But as said, we don’t know how big the role will be. And we certainly don’t know how his character will be either or if Maron will even take the role. But the cast on this film is really shaping up to be something big. Especially since DeNiro, Zazie Beetz, and Frances Conroy have all joined the cast. As much as I dislike the thought of a Joker origin film, as I am not a fan of giving the character a true origin, I’m getting excited seeing this take shape.

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Erin Lynch