Fans of Manu Bennett‘s Deathstroke are in for fantastic news. The character is back for the season 5 finale! Kermit flail, fans. Confirmed by showrunner, Marc Guggenheim and lead actor Stephen Amell, the character is coming back. But what will his role be?

Last we saw Slade Wilson, he was locked up by Team Arrow on Lian Yu and pretty much left for dead. So what’s changed? Writer Wendy Mericle spoke with Entertainment Weekly a few days ago and dropped hints of Wilson’s return. “The alliances are going to be very surprising. You’re not going to believe who Oliver is working with to defeat Prometheus.” And somehow the cat got out of the bag – one of those allies will be Wilson. Any further word on his role is still being kept under wraps. So what does this mean for the character?

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As said, we don’t know the extent of his role in the season finale so it’s hard to say. But being a temporary ally is something the show likes to do. We could see a return of the character part time – seeing as he hasn’t been seen since season 2. And being a fan favorite helps quite a bit. All we know is that fans are going to love it.

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