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~Audrey Kearns

Manhattan? What’s that? It’s a show? YES! WATCH IT. NOW!

Manhattan is the best show on television that people aren’t watching. I absolutely love this period drama but I never hear anyone talking about it. When I bring Manhattan up in conversation, I usually get, “Never heard of it.” Well, according to TMZ, I am slightly wrong in that respect. Yay, I was wrong! (You’ll never hear those words again!) Manhattan is getting a second season.

…the Manhattan Project drama received strong reviews and averaged a solid 1.223 million total viewers in Live+7 viewing on Sunday nights. “Manhattan represents the kind of high-quality original series we aim to deliver at WGN America,” said WGNA president Matt Cherniss.

WGN also picked up it’s one other original show, Salem which has had markedly better ratings. BUT, I tell ya! Spool up the Netflix, the iTunes, the Hulu, whatever you use and start watching Manhattan. The series is fascinating, beautifully filmed, written and acted. You’ll thank me.

Here’s the premise:

Created by Sam Shaw, directed by Thomas Schlamme and produced by Lionsgate Television, Skydance Television and Tribune Studios, Manhattan is set against the backdrop of the mission to build the world’s first atomic bomb. The series follows the brilliant but flawed scientists and their families in Los Alamos as they attempt to coexist in a world where secrets and lies infiltrate every aspect of their lives.

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Audrey Kearns