At San Diego Comic Con,  The Man in the High Castle’s panel announced that its upcoming fourth season would be its last. Today, the first trailer came out for the final season.

Based on Philip K. Dick’s award-winning novel, The Man in the High Castle explores what it would be like if the Allied Powers had lost WWII, and Japan and Germany ruled the United States. The Germans have the East Coast, the Japanese have the West. The two powers balance a tenuous relationship. The series takes place on both sides of the oppressed and occupied country and follow those in power and those in the resistance. Add to that, a multiverse that the Nazi’s want access to so they can continue domination.

In the third season finale, we had discovered that a traveler can only go to another world in the multiverse if that world’s counterpart was dead. The we see John Smith (Rufus Sewell) shoot Juliana Crain (Alexa Davalos) as she wills herself to disappear. 

In the trailer released today we get a look at the multiverse. The Nazis are are trying to perfect the technology so they can take over other universes. We see that Juliana Crane does indeed make it to another universe, our universe where the Japanese and the Nazis were defeated. She also comes back to her own world and is convincing, which doesn’t seem hard, Smith’s wife Helen (Chelah Horsdal) that his evil will only get worse.

As for Smith, at one point in the trailer, he himself is trying to enter another world. It must succeed, which means his counterpart is deceased, because we see him hug his son who is dead in his own world. 

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We also see exciting new faces. Bell Mallory (Frances Turner) is the leader of the Black Communist Rebellion and they are a force. Also, there’s a super cool art deco train with guns on the locomotive!

Check out the trailer below. The Man in the High Castle returns November 15 on Amazon. 




Audrey Kearns