Welcome back to Magicians Monday, fellow Fillorians! If you eat, sleep and breathe The Magicians like I do, then this column is for you. Each week, we’ll delve deeper into our favorite show about magic. Be sure to keep a glass of wine handy and your spell-casting fingers at the ready. We’ll be reveling in all things The Magicians until the Season 4 premiere on January 23rd!

Now, Season 4 is just around the corner, Fillorians. As your self-appointed Magician Extraordinaire (ME for short), I feel it is my duty – nay, my privilege – to give you The Magicians Season 3 lowdown. All aboard the Muntjac, Fillorians! The time is nigh to kick-start the epic quest to save magic. So, without further ado, here’s what you missed from Season 3 of The Magicians.

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The Tales of the Seven Keys (S03E01)

Of course, we all recall that creepy magical janitor from the Season 2 finale. You know, the one who literally switched off magic. Well, after Julia (Stella Maeve) showed Quentin (Jason Ralph) her minuscule “spark,” our heroes set out on a journey to revive magic for all humanity. Quentin, Julia and Josh (Trevor Einhorn) delved into researching minor gods with the hopes that one of them had access to the old gods. That’s when they learned of Bacchus, the god of revelry and debauchery. Our trio managed to gain access to one of Bacchus’ opulent parties. 

Next, Bacchus regaled them with the tale of Prometheus, and a potential “backdoor” to magic. Now, Bacchus only revealed this information after Q and Jules proved they were party material. The following day, Julia set out on a library exploration and stumbled upon a book titled The Tales of the Seven Keys. No author was listed, but Julia could sense a heaping helping of magic emanating from said book. Perhaps this was their key (pun intended) to saving magic for the masses. Quentin noticed that Chapter 1 was available, but the remainder of the pages were blank. 

Meanwhile, Eliot (Hale Appleman) and Margo (Summer Bishil) were adjusting to life in Fillory with the fairies breathing down their necks. The Fairy Queen (Candis Cayne) had constant surveillance on our favorite ruling couple. Fen (Brittany Curran) was still suffering from the loss of her child, and sported fancy new wooden toes. Margo tried everything to deter the fairies, to send them back to their realm where they belonged. However, they resorted to sending a bunny to Q on Earth beseeching him for assistance. 

Later, Quentin sent multiple bunnies back to Fillory detailing their latest mission – a quest to obtain seven golden keys to unlock the backdoor to magic. Time to get epic, folks!

Heroes and Morons (S03E02)

Eliot embarked on his lavish new vessel, The Muntjac, for After Island. Apparently, said island hadn’t paid their share of taxes for 46 years. Thus, Eliot and Margo utilized that as a cover for their real mission – to collect the first golden key. The Fairy Queen didn’t trust Eliot to travel alone without someone from the fairy realm accompanying him. So Fray, a human representative of the fairy realm, was instructed to accompany Eliot on the Muntjac. Fray was also Eliot and Fen’s daughter. Plot twist! Fen is overjoyed, and vowed to join Eliot and Fray for a family vacation. 

Next, our trio arrived on After Island. They are greeted by a man named Father Roe. Roe was adorned with a golden key round his neck. The folks on After Island were plagued with a monster, one who would attack villagers in its path. However, we learned that Father Roe was conjuring the Shadow Bat (Fray’s words). Eliot used the golden key to demolish the creature, and explained to the villagers that Father Roe’s “illusion magic” was a tactic to make them rely on him. Our trio departed After Island, key in hand, and left Father Roe to the mercy of a horde of angry villagers. 

Meanwhile, Alice (Olivia Taylor Dudley) discovered that a creature known as the lamprey was hellbent on slaughtering her. She did some naughty things as a niffin, one of which was murder the lamprey’s entire family. Alice was instructed to purchase a cat to act as an alarm. Cats were capable of sensing lampreys from a considerable distance, thus giving her enough time to put some miles between her and her pursuer. 

Quentin, Julia and Josh set out to search for sources of magic. They knew Mayakovsky, everyone’s favorite drunk Russian uncle, had four magical batteries in his possession. Our trio learned of an incident in a Manhattan hedge witch bar involving a bear. Bingo was his name-o! Q, Jules and Josh reunite with Kady (Jade Tailor), who is enveloped in a mission of her own – save Penny (Arjun Gupta) from an aggressive form of magical cancer. 

Later, Alice has a run-in with our heroes at a hospital, after Professor Lipson is admitted for attempting suicide. Alice’s cat exploded in its cage, alerting the former to the lamprey’s arrival. Alice scampered off…again. Quentin and co. learned that Kady stole one of Mayakovsky’s batteries from Emily Greenstreet and took off. We see Kady discovered Penny outside her new place of employment. He appeared to be on death’s door. Kady hoped to use her newfound battery magic to save her beloved. 

Lastly, Quentin found himself possessed by the lamprey, which won’t bode well for Alice. 

The Losses of Magic (S03E03)

Alice and Quentin decided to pay her parents a visit. Alice wanted to come clean about her return to the Land of the Living, as well as her current predicament with the lamprey. During her tenure at her parents’ house, the lamprey body jumped among those present. Of course, Alice’s mom reopened old wounds and tried to snog Quentin. Alice frantically sealed the house and ordered everyone to cover themselves in plastic wrap. You know, Signs stuff. Unfortunately, there were no tinfoil hats to be found. 

Later, Alice and co. discovered that the lamprey was nestled inside her father. Alice utilized an electric rod to shock the lamprey out of him and managed to effectively kill the creature. However, Alice’s father had a weak heart, and the jolt was fatal. 

Meanwhile, the Muntjac was en route to Castle Whitespire when it was overtaken by pirates. Eliot and his family took refuge below decks. He discovered a secret door bearing a keyhole within. Eliot inserted his newly acquired golden key and vanished, along with Fen and Fray. 

Next, Margo learned of the Muntjac’s pirate siege and set out on a Pegasus (courtesy of the Fairy Queen) to intervene. She was about to strike a deal with the pirates when the Fairy Queen arrived herself and slaughtered them all. The Fairy Queen revealed her knowledge of Margo’s attempts to overthrow her. She possessed Margo’s eyeball, after all, and it kept her privy of Margo’s activities. Margo, in an act of defiance, crushed her own eyeball as a bold statement to the Fairy Queen. She is Margo the Destroyer, after all. 

Meanwhile, Julia aided Kady in the latter’s mission to save Penny. They summoned a cancer-eating demon to perform a procedure where said demon extricates the disease. Unfortunately, the demon was unable to fulfill his end of the bargain. The disease was too advanced, and it took Penny’s life. We see Penny astral projected and he observed his own bodily death from afar. Talk about trippy!

Be the Penny (S03E04)

Now, Julia and Kady attempted to revive Penny, but to no avail. Everyone gathered at the Physical Kids’ cottage for a Penny memorial. Of course, astral projection Penny witnessed said memorial and attempted to communicate with his friends. Unfortunately, nobody could see nor hear him. 

Next, Penny traveled to the Neitherlands library. He discovered a desolate, vandalized library. Penny also spotted Eliot and his family being hunted by cannibals. However, lingering unseen in the astral plane, Penny was powerless to help them. 

Later, Julia and Penny find Kady had overdosed on heroin. Penny’s bodily death took an obvious toll on her. Kady survived, thanks to Julia’s spark of magic. Penny encountered someone else in the astral plane – Hyman Cooper, who astral projected in the 1920s. Hyman revealed that it’s possible to “move” objects as a means of communicating with those in the Land of the Living. Penny tried to move a penny in this manner, but he struggled with the effort for quite some time. Be the penny. Get it?

Meanwhile, Q and Jules revealed their quest to Dean Fogg (Rick Worthy). Fogg informed them of Brakebills being on the brink of demise. Since magic was kaput, the college’s existence seemed impractical. However, he urged the duo to search Brakebills’ records for a potential second key on Earth. They believed Rupert Chatwin possessed the key during his short tenure at Brakebills. 

Next, Quentin and Julia discovered a man named Lance Morrison resided at Brakebills alongside Rupert. They explored an abandoned dormitory wherein Lance lived, which was vacated after his supposed suicide. Our duo witnessed the ghost of Lance and the ghost of Rupert in conversation. Rupert handed Lance a key – the second golden key, to be exact. Unfortunately, Lance’s father arrived on the scene and slaughtered his son with magic. As it turned out, Lance was a McAllistair, a relative of Brakebills’ current board trustee Irene McAllistair (Jaime Ray Newman). Julia performed a locator spell and found the key inside Irene’s home. Quentin, Julia and Fogg decided to pay Irene a visit. 

Then, our heroes successfully snagged the key at Irene’s house. Julia noticed that, when she touched said key, two fairies appeared to be standing behind her. Strange. 

Meanwhile, Kady and Alice burned Penny’s body after learning that his soul would be forever bound to the Library. The Order was sending a corpse eater to consume his body, thus enacting Penny’s service contract. However, burning his body would simply send him to the Underworld, which is a much better option. 

Later, Eliot and co. returned to the cottage and explained their run-in with cannibals in the Neitherlands. Eliot touched the second key and was able to see Penny for the first time. Success!

A Life in the Day (S03E05)

Alice visited Kady at the hospital and gifted her with the second key. Kady was finally able to have a conversation with astral Penny, and she angrily expressed her frustration with him. She stormed out during their heated exchange. 

Meanwhile, Margo is forced into an arranged marriage with a prince from the Tribe of the Floating Mountain. The Fairy Queen thought the alliance would suit Fillory’s needs. Of course, Margo is a feminist warrior and didn’t take too kindly to having this decision made for her. That is, until she met the prince. 

Next, Quentin and Eliot traveled to Fillory in search of the third key. They were tasked with completing a mosaic which supposedly “reflected the beauty of all life.” However, our duo wound up time-traveling to an era well before the Chatwins’ arrival to Fillory. The pair spent a literal lifetime toiling away at the mosaic. Quentin married, had a child and watched his wife and Eliot perish before his eyes. Q eventually completed the mosaic and found the sacred golden key. Finally, an elder Quentin interacted with young Jane and gave her said key, since it’s used to create time loops. We all know Jane is infamous for her time loops. 

Later, Julia and Alice went out for drinks. Julia encountered Our Lady of the Underground, who informed the former that she was gifted with a “spark” for a reason. It was Reynard’s “seed,” and Julia could use it as she saw fit. However, Julia decided to transfer her magic to Alice, who craved it more. Julia refused to possess anything that used to be Reynard the Fox’s. 

Then, the nuptials between Margo and Prince Micah commenced. Unfortunately, Prince Micah was beheaded by his younger brother Prince Fomar, who immediately named Margo as his bride. He ordered the priest to continue the nuptials. “Red Wedding” say what? Later that night, Margo opened her wedding gifts and discovered the key Quentin found in the mosaic. Margo then found Jane inside the Clock Barrens. Although Jane died on the linear plane, time stands still within the Clock Barrens. Jane ordered Margo to dig up her body at Brakebills to uncover the third key. Three down, four to go!

Do You Like Teeth? (S03E06)

Now, Margo is locked inside with Prince Fomar and is forced to consummate their marriage, much to Margo’s chagrin. Eliot and Quentin meet outside the dungeons, the latter disguised as a palace guard. They learned that the fourth key is located in the land of “unending night.” They departed, and Q took the Muntjac to find this elusive land. 

Next, Eliot convinced the Fairy Queen to grant Margo and Prince Fomar a honeymoon away from Whitespire. The Queen reluctantly acquiesces. Eliot and Margo drugged Fomar’s wine as they were leaving Whitespire, and the prince is knocked unconscious. Our duo discovered that the fairies are poisoning Fillory’s ecosystem. Their vast fields of orchards have been replaced with mushrooms. Well, more like fairy embryos. The fairies are cultivating the environment so it’s better suited to create more of their kind. Margo snatched up some embryos to use as collateral against the Fairy Queen. 

Later, Fomar stirred from his slumber. Margo informed him that they had sex. However, a toad chomped on Fomar’s “manhood,” so now the boy prince won’t want to do the horizontal tango with Margo ever again. 

Meanwhile, Julia and Alice meet with an incubus (referred to them by Fogg) and asked him if they could use his penis for their magic transferal spell. Said incubus gifted them with his tail instead, as it held just as much magic as his manhood. Our pair performed the spell, which was successful. Alice now has Julia’s magic. She offered to knit Penny a new body. However, complications arose and Alice collapsed, frothing at the mouth. 

Next, Quentin brought aboard a woman named Poppy (Felicia Day). She was stranded out in the waters with the fourth key in hand. There’s a catch, though – the fourth key is capable of tormenting folks with their “inner demons.” Q, having depression, would not do well with such an object. Later, Benedict grabbed the key and was convinced by his inner demon to jump ship. Benedict did so, falling into the mouth of a dragon in the waters below. Quentin realized he had to travel to the underworld to snag the fourth key, as it traveled with Benedict into the sea. 

Poached Eggs (S03E07)

Q and Poppy met up with Margo and Eliot at the cottage. Everyone learned of Alice’s collapsing. She woke up in bed, still shaky after the spell she performed with Julia. Alice insisted that she was merely adjusting to Julia’s magic. No biggie. Eliot and Margo hid the embryos and fairy eggs they stole. Unfortunately, Fray stumbled upon them at the cottage and informed the Fairy Queen of Eliot and Margo’s misdeeds. 

Later, Margo and Eliot grant the Fairy Queen with an ultimatum: they’ll hand over the embryos if the Fairy Queen relinquished her bathtub. Our pair would gift said bathtub to the Fillorian populace, thus ensuring that everyone was involved in a fairy deal and could see the fairies. The Fairy Queen brought in Fray and proposed a counteroffer: hand over the embryos and Fray won’t be harmed. However, Eliot and Margo discovered then that Fray wasn’t the former’s daughter. Eliot and Fen’s daughter died in childbirth. Deception!

Next, Eliot and Margo are carried away by the angry masses as part of the Fairy Queen’s vengeance. 

Meanwhile, Julia met with Irene McAllistair in Fogg’s office. Irene gave Julia a bottle filled with magical white powder – an excretion from a “rare magical creature.” Of course, Irene will expect Julia to fulfill a favor on her end in the future. 

Later, Julia used the powder to perform a locator spell on Alice. Finally, she found Alice cavorting with a vampire. The two battled it out, but Alice reigned supreme. Julia woke up with all of her magic restored, thanks to Alice. Alice asserted that, despite its source, the magic really belonged to Julia. 

Next, Q and Penny worked in tandem to break Kady out of the hospital. They learned that they need Harriet (Marlee Matlin) to access the Library in the Neitherlands. Of course, there were bumps along the way, but our heroes were able to successfully free Kady. Harriet offered to help the magicians. Penny would have to morph into a book and “get eaten by a dragon” in order to gain access to the library. A book dragon, of course. 

Six Short Stories About Magic (S03E08)

Penny arrived in the Underworld branch of the library via book chute. He discovered Benedict inside a tent city outside. Unfortunately, the Library confiscated the key from Benedict. Penny took his leave and encountered Sylvia, who led him to a woman named Cassandra. Cassandra, for one, looked identical to Alice. Secondly, she was responsible for writing everyone’s books. Penny started reading the stories of his friends. First up was Poppy. 

Now, Poppy, Quentin and Alice are amid the planning stages. They would utilize Victoria, the other Traveler, to create a mirror bridge that will access the Library from Earth. Victoria later crafted said mirror bridge, but had to remain their in order to keep it powered up. Quentin and Poppy diverged from Kady and Harriet, as the quartet commenced their mission to find the fourth key. 

Q and Poppy searched a pile of books courtesy of the Bookwyrm (the book dragon). They felt their time coming ton an end, especially when Alice encountered them within. Poppy fled to the mirror bridge, leaving Quentin to duke it out with his ex. 

Next, we learned what brought Alice to the library. She met with Zelda (Mageina Tovah), the Head Librarian. Alice is convinced that the Library possessed a battery, since it was nearly impossible to travel without wellspring magic. However, Zelda revealed nothing. She did allow Alice to utilize the Library’s resources in exchange for information on the quest for the seven keys. 

Later, Eliot and Margo were on trial at Whitespire. Prior to their sentence revealing, Eliot went on a rant about how he despised Fillory. 

Then, Fen and Julia teamed up to investigate the fairy deal on Earth. They met one of Irene’s fairy servants named Skye. Irene arrived at the cottage, making good on her promise to elicit a favor from Julia. Later on, Julia and Fen broke into an outbuilding belonging to Irene and discovered Skye unconscious on a table, her leg completely sawed off. Bottles and white powder are also within, giving Julia and Fen a clue as to where said powder originated. 

Next, we learned that Zelda is Harriet’s mother. We saw their interactions over the years, and how rocky their relationship was. Zelda didn’t like that Harriet spent her time with humans. Present day: Harriet encountered her mother again during our crew’s search for key number four. However, Kady and Harriet discovered the same white powder at the Library and utilize just enough to fight back against Zelda. Kady successfully crossed the mirror bridge home. Unfortunately, Harriet and Victoria are still on the bridge when it shattered. 

Penny returned to Benedict, and the latter admitted that he buried the key. Penny hid said key inside a book and sent it through the chute back to Earth. But before Penny could project himself inside the book, Sylvia caught him and handed him over to the Library. Betrayal!

All That Josh (S03E09)

Next, our heroes were on the hunt for the fifth key. Q discovered that the next chapter in the book appeared to be in code. Alice deciphered it as music notes. Kady plonked out the notes on the piano, which acted as a key to another dimension of sorts. The trio wound up in the cottage, but it was…different. Everyone was bursting with song. Todd announced the King of the Party as Josh, who arrived in style. Josh belted out a song and dance number. Q, Alice and Kady realized they could perform magic, but it was really only parlor tricks. They whisk Josh away and interrogated him as to his previous whereabouts. 

Meanwhile, Eliot and Margo were sentenced to death. Tick suggested they choose the quickest, least painful death. However, Eliot and Margo decided on cascading down the Infinite Waterfall. Endless torment at its best. 

Later, Kady distracted the partying masses by performing a slinky song and dance number. Quentin and Alice attempted to convince Josh that this realm wasn’t real. Magic wasn’t back, and Josh was a Naturalist residing inside the Physical cottage. However, Josh lamented that his so-called “friends” treated him like trash. 

Next, Eliot and Margo are confined to the Muntjac. Tick made a character 180 and informed the duo that they were the worst rulers Fillory ever had. He then crowned himself king and fled the boat with his constituents. Eliot and Margo are left to the waterfall now. 

Meanwhile, Fen and Julia convinced Skye that she’s a magical being of immense power. Julia attempted to aid Skye in the performance of a spell, but the latter’s collar prevented her from doing magic. Skye’s eyes and ears bled profusely. 

Q and Alice discovered the fifth key inside the piano in Josh’s room. They also learned that Todd is really a pleasure demon, one who created fantasies and fed off one’s happiness. Our heroes found the true purpose of the fifth key – to communicate. Despite everyone being separated, they could all hear each other. And the only way out of this kerfuffle was to sing sing sing. Everyone burst into “Under Pressure.” The act of song allowed the Muntjac to soar above the skies in Fillory, saving Eliot and Margo from falling. Skye came back from the brink of death. Finally, the dream world evaporated. Our crew, alongside Josh, returned to the real world and prepared to find key number six. 

The Art of the Deal (S03E10)

Our questing bunch learned that the sixth key was located inside the Whitespire throne room. However, it would only reveal itself bathed in moonlight on a special night. Unfortunately, the key was nowhere to be found. Josh surmised that it could be in the fairy realm. 

Aboard the Muntjac, Eliot and Margo attempted to persuade Idri and the Stone Queen to turn against the Fairy Queen. But their efforts were fruitless, as Idri and the Stone Queen left dissatisfied. 

Meanwhile, Penny encountered Hades in the Underworld. Hades handed Penny a “metro card,” which essentially allows one to travel outside the Underworld. However, he urged Penny to explore his options, as he predicted a bright destiny for the latter in the Underworld. Penny gifted the metro card to Sylvia so she could reunite with her family. 

Later, Julia and Fen enlisted the help of the Fairy Queen after informing her that fairies reside on Earth. They feigned to offer the Fairy Queen to Irene in exchange for release of the other fairies. Unfortunately, they merely caged the Fairy Queen with her kin. That’s when, alongside Julia and Fen, the Fairy Queen convinced her kin to rise up and overpower their captors. The fairies slaughtered Irene’s family, with only Irene managing to narrowly escape. 

Now, the Fairy Queen informed Julia that her deals are now meaningless since she broke the one she made with Irene. She also revealed that the sixth key is in the fairy realm, but it was used to create and sustain it. Thus, she could never give said key up. 

Twenty-Three (S03E11)

Next, Julia and Josh embarked on an adventure of their own. Josh from the 23rd timeline created by Jane Chatwin utilized a Tesla Flexion to communicate with them. Josh 23 urged them to aid him in his timeline. The Beast was still at large and killing off all his friends. Josh and Julia acquiesced. They arrived to find Marina (Kacey Rohl) was a student of Brakebills in this timeline. Also, Penny 23 was in a relationship with Julia, who apparently perished in this timeline. 

Julia and Josh knew they needed the Rhinemann Ultra spell to demolish the Beast. Eliot and Margo died trying to perform the spell and were forever trapped inside the Brakebills library. The Beast reared his ugly head and slaughtered Josh 23. Our crew realized that Quentin was the Beast in this timeline. He also had the seventh key round his neck. 

Later, they traveled to the Muntjac, where Alice 23 was in servitude to the bunnies. She took them to Castle Whitespire, where Quentin currently resided. He killed Alice 23. Julia squared off against Quentin, but she reigned victorious. He gave her the seventh key as he was dying. Back at Brakebills, Marina 23 escaped through the portal home. Penny 23 decided to join Julia and Josh, claiming that timeline 23 had nothing to offer him. 

The Fillorian Candidate (S03E12)

Josh filled Penny 23 on the story so far. Kady greeted Penny 23 believing it was her Penny. Unfortunately, he didn’t know her. Alice traveled to the Neitherlands and filled Zelda in on the quest. She informed Alice of the castle at the end of the world, one that contained the backdoor to magic. Zelda also handed Alice a siphon that could be powered by Julia. The siphon would be used to contain magic once it was flowing again. Alice returned to Earth and suggested that our heroes contact a god. 

Later, Julia heard Fogg’s inner thoughts and healed his eyes. She also traversed to Fillory and restored the forest she destroyed in Season 2. 

Meanwhile, Eliot and Margo learned that Tick was causing havoc in Fillory as its newest ruler. They introduce the concept of democracy by proposing that they stage an election. Eliot then announced his campaign to run against Tick. 

Next, Julia and Kady found Reynard powerless on Earth. He gifted them with the god-killing bullet, and our duo believed it could be used on the monster inside the castle. The castle at the end of the world housed the gods’ “mistakes,” beasts that were created and then discarded by them. One particular monster was the most formidable of them all, and one solitary knight guarded it. 

Then, we see the election take place in Fillory – Eliot and Tick releasing posters in tandem proposing their promises to aid Fillory into prosperity. Finally, a winner is announced, but it’s someone who wasn’t even on the ballot – Margo. Margo was a write-in from the Talking Animal populace in Fillory. She was seen chatting up Humbledrum the Bear, and her kindness toward the Talking Animals inspired the latter to rally behind her. Margo is crowned High King of Fillory. She granted a spot on the High Council for the fairies, and even granted them Fillorian citizenship. The Fairy Queen is pleased. She restored Margo’s eye as a reward. The Fairy Queen relinquishes the sixth key. Gotta catch them all…and they did!

Will You Play With Me? (S03E13)

Julia was promoted to full-fledged goddess status, dubbed “Our Lady of the Tree.” She’s whisked away by another goddess to commence her deity duties. Our remaining questing bunch connected with the goddess Callie, who claimed she created the castle meant to house the old gods’ mistakes. Her lover, Prometheus, crafted the seven keys because of his wholehearted belief in humanity. He knew humans would save magic one day. They learned that said castle was actually Blackspire, and it was located beneath Whitespire. 

Q used a spark of magic granted to him by Julia to contact the knight inside the castle. He informed the knight, Ora, of their intention to restore magic. They finally arrived at the castle via the Muntjac, and Ora ushered them inside. 

Meanwhile, Fen was acting High King in Margo’s absence. The Fairy Queen informed her of multiple fairies disappearing. Fen discovered that Irene was behind the disappearances. The Fairy Queen sacrificed herself so her kin could live freely. Irene accepted the deal, and she slaughtered the Fairy Queen for an enormous surplus of magic. Long live the Queen!

Next, Quentin attempted to entertain the monster. It needed to be coddled and loved, which is how Ora survived as long as she did. However, Eliot used the god-killing bullet and shot the monster. But the monster merely body-jumped to Ora. 

Later, our gang was about to use the seven keys to revive magic when Alice destroyed them. Julia, sensing her friends were in danger, arrived to the rescue. She crafted seven new keys with her god magic. Our heroes inserted said keys in the keyholes and restored magic successfully…that is, until the Library, alongside Irene and Fogg, showed up. The siphon was placed atop the fountain. It absorbed the magic flowing from it. Alice was arrested by the Library for breaking her end of the bargain. Our magicians had their memories thoroughly wiped, and were sent back to Earth bereft of magic. 

Fast forward a few months later: Alice is visited by Fogg at the Library, and she’s concerned for her friends. The monster left Ora’s body and is on Earth, presumably wreaking havoc. Fogg dismissed her worries. We learned that magic was being monitored by the Library, and Brakebills was only allowed a certain amount to operate. 

Next, our heroes are living normal lives, unconcerned with magic or the Library. Eliot found Quentin, whose new identity was Brian. However, Eliot was now possessed by the monster. 


Phew! So much happened last season, you guys. The Magicians really knocked it out of the park in Season 3, and I’m stoked to see where we go in Season 4. Now, this will be the last Magicians Monday for a bit, Fillorians. Do not despair, though: this isn’t goodbye forever. Just for now. So, don’t forget to keep your best b****es close, always have a glass of wine at the ready and your one-liners primed for execution. Wednesdays are about to be magical again. 

The Magicians premieres January 23rd at 9pm on your SyFy affiliate. 

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