Welcome back to Magicians Monday, fellow Fillorians! If you eat, sleep and breathe The Magicians like I do, then this is the column for you. Each week, we’ll delve deeper into our favorite show about magic. Be sure to keep a glass of wine handy and your spell-casting fingers at the ready. We’ll be reveling in all things The Magicians until the season four premiere on January 23rd!

Now, I’m sure you’ve all devoured the official season four trailer for The Magicians by now. In fact, I’d bet a plethora of Benjamin Franklins on multiple viewings of said trailer. You’ve dissected every cookie crumb offered by our Powers That Be and scanned the trailer for any potential Easter eggs scattered about. I know I’m guilty as charged. Anything to fill that The Magicians-sized hole in our collective heart. 

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Below, I’ve listed my six predictions for season four of The Magicians. Food for thought as we forge ahead into January, soaring aboard the Muntjac into Fillory and further. Peruse them at your leisure. Craft some predictions of your own and use them as friendly debate topics with your closest of friends. If there’s one thing I love to do, it’s over-analyzing fictional entities. Onward and upward then, Fillorians!

1. Alice will find a way to help her friends recover their memories…with Fogg’s aid.

Now, we last saw our protagonists with their memories and identities completely eradicated. This came about as punishment courtesy of the Library. The Library of the Neitherlands wants to control magic, rationing it out to the masses. Our magicians attempted to reinstate magic for free usage by all, but this didn’t gel with the Library’s master plan. Thus, our heroes are memory-less and magic-less. 

However, one member of the core group has managed to retain their memories – Alice (Olivia Taylor Dudley). She’s currently property of the Library, imprisoned with only her knowledge of what’s to come to provide her company. Alice did sever her deal with the Library, after all. In the season three finale, Dean Fogg (Rick Worthy) pays Alice a visit. He’s always had a soft spot for Alice, even claiming she’s the most talented magician he’s ever taken under his wing. Of course, Fogg has his own deal with the Library, one that promises a certain monthly surplus of magic so Brakebills can stay in business. I don’t truly believe Fogg is a baddie waiting to happen. Fogg has the best intentions in mind, and he does care for our heroes. 

Both Fogg and Alice know what’s at stake, especially with the formidable monster from Blackspire on the loose. Alice will convince Fogg of just how dangerous this monster is, and how its body-jumping capabilities make it even more deadly. Fogg may not be able to release Alice from her Library prison, but he can certainly work his magic in tandem with her from behind the scenes. Together they can help our magicians recover their memories. 

Pictured: Mageina Tovah as the Librarian

2. Julia will be reinstated as a goddess once our protagonists win the revolution against the Library.

Of course, we know Julia (Stella Maeve) was zapped of her goddess powers once she pulled a Prometheus and crafted seven magical keys of her own. That process would wear anyone out. But that “spark” Our Lady Underground bestowed on Julia will serve as the catalyst for the inevitable battle against the Library’s tyrannical hold on magic. I wholeheartedly believe the spark never left Julia, even after her memories and identity was erased. Our heroes are still inherently magical, after all. That’s why the monster body-jumped into Eliot (Hale Appleman) and is currently taunting Quentin (Jason Ralph). It still senses the “magician” locked away inside them. 

Now, in the season four trailer it appeared that Julia would be a driving force in enacting the revolution against the Library. Magic is interwoven into the very fabric of her being. Julia’s identity is magic. Not to mention, she sacrificed the most to bring magic back – even relinquishing her goddess powers in the process. And we can’t forget all the good she did during season three, like releasing the fairies from Irene McAllistair’s (Jaime Ray Newman) grasp. Julia also reinvigorated the sentient forests of Fillory. She’s the very essence of selflessness. That right there smacks of goddess. Of course, the fruits of her labor may not come to light until the end of the season. I predict Julia’s reward for all her hard work will result in a reinstatement of her goddess status. All hail the Goddess of the Trees!

3. The monster will continue to body-jumping as part of its “game.”

Despite the monster’s proclamation to Quentin to the contrary, we know it loves playing games. If you’ll recall from the season three finale, the jailer incessantly played games with the monster to keep it entertained. You know, since it’s essentially a volcano ready to erupt. Unpredictable and dangerous. Even the gods, its creators, fear it. The monster jumped into Eliot’s body and approached a memory-less Quentin under the guise of playing a game. It seeks constant companionship and entertainment. However, while we know Eliot is trapped somewhere courtesy of said monster, I think this beast will continue to body jump between our heroes. Margo (Summer Bishil) emphatically declared in the trailer that they must save Eliot. Perhaps they’ll successfully save Eliot, but the monster will simply jump into someone else. Without their magic to defend themselves, this will make our protagonists extra susceptible to evil interference. 

But, this begs the question: what is the monster’s objective? Is it to retaliate against the old gods, its creators? To strike against them for imprisoning it inside Blackspire for all those centuries? Now it will attack topside with reckless abandonment, uninhibited in its desire to potentially enact revenge. Our heroes may receive an uninvited visitor from this monster as it jumps seamlessly from magician to magician. 

Pictured: Hale Appleman as Eliot

4. We haven’t seen the last of Irene, nor will she honor the late Fairy Queen’s deal.

Now, one thing’s for certain: Irene McAllistair is one mean lady. Her motives are self-serving – she only wants magic for herself. Think of all the innocent fairies she slaughtered for their magic over the years. If you’ll recall, the valiant Fairy Queen (Candis Cayne) sacrificed herself for the good of her people by striking a new deal with Irene. As a queen, she possesses enough magic for 50 fairies. In return, Irene must vow to leave the Fairy Queen’s people alone for eternity, free to roam without fear of slaughter. Irene agreed to the terms of their deal.

However, I don’t believe she’ll uphold her end of the bargain. Power hungry people only desire one thing: more power. Once she obtains 50 fairies-worth of magic, she’ll merely hunger for more. Thus, more fairies will die. Thankfully, Fen (Brittany Curran) is acting High King of Fillory in Margo’s absence. She tag-teamed with Julia last season to free the fairies. She also developed a close relationship with the Fairy Queen. Should Fen discover that Irene has broken the deal, she’ll act without inhibitions. Fen will make certain that Irene pays for her crimes. 

5. Penny 23 will find a way to reunite Penny 40 with his friends.

Remember Penny 40 (Arjun Gupta)? The one forever ensnared in thankless servitude to the Library? There’s a brief clip from the season four trailer that showed both Pennys finally meeting. This scene got the wheels turning in my noggin. Perhaps Penny 23 will continue to observe how saddened Kady (Jade Tailor) is by the loss of her Penny. Penny 23 also seems to be influenced by Juliaunder the sway of her selfless attitude. Every version of Penny shares the common thread of loyalty, one who is willing to sacrifice all to save his friends. Maybe he’ll take Penny 40’s place as servant of the Library, serving the latter’s sentence in full. Of course, the Library may or may not notice the swap. 

Wouldn’t it be nice to have everyone from the 40th timeline together again? Here’s a prediction within a prediction: Julia 40 might fall in love with Penny 23. Titillating television right there, Fillorians. 

6. Margo’s encounter with Ember will be significant.

If you’re like me, that brief clip of Margo chatting with Ember may have elicited a gasp from you. Remember when Quentin killed him in the season two finale? That’s not to say that ghosts can’t exist. Penny was almost ghost-like when he was an astral projection last season. Perhaps, since Ember is a god, he can still haunt his Fillorian masses from beyond the grave. If Ember is in a heaven of sorts or a hell, maybe Margo decided to pay him a visit. Or vice versa. In the trailer, he informs Margo that she can’t run away from, presumably, her problems. The goat god is now a wizened ghost imparting wisdom for the living. 

Now, in the book trilogy by Lev Grossman, Quentin and Alice craft their own world akin to Fillory. Perhaps Margo wishes to seek advice from Ember on how to craft a world apart from the Library, one where magic can exist freely without their control. Or, Ember is advising Margo not to run from her own quest – in the books, Margo (well, Janet) embarks on a solo journey to the desert and creates a pair of bad*** ice swords out of a black metal staff. My hopes are on the latter scenario, that we’ll get to see this book plot come to fruition on screen. Here’s hoping we’ll get to see Margo wield Sorrow & Sorrow!


Be sure to stick around, Fillorians, as we continue chugging along on The Magicians train! Next week for Magicians Monday, I’ll present you with my personal top 10 episodes of The Magicians. This won’t be an easy task, mind you, since every installment of this SyFy darling is television at its finest. So, don’t forget that glass of wine, your best b***h and your wittiest of one-liners. I solemnly swear Mondays will be magical. Here’s to no longer dreading the start of the week, Fillorians. 



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