We have our Sabrina Spellman, everyone! Today we learned from Variety that the untitled Netflix series has gained their Sabrina in Kiernan Shipka. The Mad Men alum has been the first to join the cast of the Riverdale spinoff series. But don’t expect anything close to the sitcom many of us 90s kids remember fondly from our childhood. This is a darker version of the character.

The show is being based on the morbid Archie Comic series Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. The 2014 comic saw a re-imagining of the character delving into the occult, becoming a dark coming-of-age story. The TV series was originally being produced by the CW for their network channel but has since moved to the streaming giant with the production team still in tact. And they couldn’t be more excited for Shipka’s casting. Executive producer and writer of the comic Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa praised the young actress.


We’re all such huge fans of Kiernan’s work that when we started talking about who this new incarnation of Sabrina could be, her name was on everyone’s wish list. This is a darker, more macabre version of Sabrina, and we’re incredibly excited for people to see Kiernan make this iconic character her own.

Executive producer and Archie Comics CEO Jon Goldwater echoed Aguirre-Sacasa’s sentiment, giving us full confidence in the casting choice.

I am thrilled that Kiernan is playing Sabrina and have no doubt that she will embody the strength, courage and boldness that has made the character a fan favorite.

Frankly I’m just pumped we’re getting witches back into the spotlight. Who doesn’t love some good ol’ witchcraft? That aside, seeing this take on the character will be really interesting to explore in the live-action setting. We’ll have to wait to see just how far they push the stories when it debuts.

Tell us what you think of the casting! Are you on board for the series? Are you excited for a more macabre show? Be sure to come back to Geek Girl Authority for more Sabrina news! The untitled Netflix series currently has no release date.

Erin Lynch