Mad Max: Fury Road has spawned some of the best fan-art in 2015. The George Miller movie has inspired, awed and motivated artists to create amazing pieces in many different styles, just Google “Mad Max: Fury Road Fan Art” and you will get MMFR art in the style of anime, comic books, cats (yes, cats), Adventure Time themed, Rosie the Riveter themed, Batman and Joker themed and now HIEROGLYPHS!

Japanese artist Takumi posted these to his Facebook page and they are stunning. Much like the fan-art that has popped up all over the Internet, Furiosa is front and center. The War Boys are there in force, Immortan Joe, Max, the Wives etc. Take a look. If you were in the Egyptology section of a museum and were briskly walking by these you wouldn’t even notice it was MMFR at first. That’s how detailed and wonderful this is. Take a look at Takumi’s page where you can see his black and white renderings as well. Just awesome!

takumi hieroglyphs mad max fury road

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